Giorgia Meloni

Meloni press conference today: time and LIVE streaming

Giorgia Meloni press conference today, the live streaming of the meeting between the Prime Minister and journalists previously postponed twice due to health problems – first flu and then otolithic syndrome – of the prime minister.
What is the classic end-of-year press conference will be held today Thursday 4 January starting from 11 am in the Chamber of Parliamentary Groups, with Giorgia Meloni who will answer the barrage of questions posed by the Italian press, usually one per every accredited newspaper.
Consequently, there will be many questions that Giorgia Meloni will be asked to answer during the press conference, from the most current topics such as the Anas investigation or the shot fired by FdI MP Emanuele Pozzolo on New Year's Eve up to those more closely related to the political action of the government see Budget law, ratification of the ESM, Pnrr and reform of the Stability Pact.
The appointment is particularly awaited because Giorgia Meloni, since she became Prime Minister, has rarely made herself available for press conferences, preferring to rely on notes issued by Palazzo Chigi or on more modern videos or social posts, so much so that she invented the format Giorgia's notes.
Giorgia Meloni press conference: live broadcast Having overcome the annoying health problems that forced her to spend a good part of the Christmas and end-of-year holidays at home, Giorgia Meloni will hold the end-of-year press conference today, Thursday 4 January, organized by the Fnsi, the National Federation of the Italian press.
Starting from 11 am, in addition to the live streaming of the press conference, below you can follow a real-time updated summary of the main statements made by Giorgia Meloni to journalists.

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