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Simpler public competitions, here are the easiest ones to pass

The public competition is the entry channel for a career in public administration, to the long-awaited "permanent position".
To pass a public competition, however, you need to be very prepared, as there are difficult tests to face and many other candidates to compete against.
This is why we are often looking for the easiest public competitions to pass, so as not to have to spend a lot of time preparing and have a better chance of being hired as a public employee.
However, although this is particularly attractive information, given the perspective it offers, answering the question of which public competitions are the easiest is not immediate.
In fact, some considerations need to be made: what makes one competition easier than another? The determining factors can be different: from the number of places to the number of candidates, as well as from the required requirements or the type of tests.
The so-called Brunetta reform of 2021 intervened especially on this last aspect, with which the competitions were made simpler since the administrations were given the possibility of setting a single written test (usually with crosses) alongside the evaluation of the qualifications .
Therefore, no oral test, often the most feared by competitors.
For this reason, if we think of the easier competitions as those with fewer tests to take, then the majority of new tenders respond to this characteristic.
But if we also consider the requirements and number of places, thus limiting our research to public competitions open more or less to everyone and in which no great level of preparation is needed, then the competitions that can be considered easier than others (and therefore not simple absolutely) are as follows.
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56 of 1987 Competition as a school assistant (fixed-term) Public competitions for volunteers of the Armed Forces As anticipated, there are three main criteria for which we could define a public competition as "easy": high ratio between number of places and applications submitted; simple competitive tests; not particularly restrictive requirements.
The competitions for volunteers of the Armed Forces respond exactly to this description, for which thousands of places are advertised (6,200 in the latest announcement) with the possibility of participating even with only a middle school diploma.
No written test, therefore there will be no need to study: candidates will only have to carry out the physical efficiency tests, as well as the assessment of the physio-psycho-attitudinal suitability requirements.
Public competitions for civil and military police forces.
Not even the competitions for access to the roles of civil and military police forces are particularly complicated.
However, there are many positions (1,650 State Police agents for whom recruitment is planned), while a high school diploma is sufficient as a qualification.
However, a written general knowledge test is required, for which a database is made available from which the test questions will be selected.
It must be said that these competitions, as simple as they may seem, require in-depth study as there is a high participation rate: therefore they should absolutely not be underestimated, so much so that usually one is only called to visit if the score obtained in the written test he is very tall.
Competitions article 16 of law n.
56 of 1987 Among the simplest competitions we can also include those governed by article 16 of law no.
26 of 1987, in which people who are unemployed and have issued the Declaration of immediate availability at the Employment Center can participate.
A middle school diploma or having completed compulsory education is sufficient as a qualification.
In these competitions, only suitability tests are usually provided for carrying out the tasks required by the role: the Employment Centers form the ranking, on the basis of preferential criteria (for example family loads, or low ISEE) indicated in the competition notice.
Competition as a school assistant (fixed-term) It is very simple to apply to work as ATA staff in schools, especially as a school assistant.
First of all, because the requirements do not require particular specializations: in fact, those who have obtained a three-year qualification diploma issued by a professional institute, an art teacher diploma, a teacher training school diploma for children, any maturity, professional qualification certificates or diplomas, both lasting three years, issued or recognized by the Regions.
Furthermore, at least to apply as a fixed-term collaborator and be called for substitutions, a mere evaluation of the qualifications is sufficient: every three years, in fact, the possibility of enrolling in the third band of the institute rankings is given, from which the schools can draw upon if necessary.
It is much more complicated to become tenured: in this case, in fact, one must find oneself in the highest positions in the so-called provincial rankings, in which those who have served for at least two years in ATA roles can register.
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