Who was Vanessa Ballan, the girl in her third month of pregnancy killed by Bujar Fandaj

Vanessa Ballan as Giulia Cecchittin, women victims of the murderous madness of two men who were unable to accept the end of a love story, with another feminicide that shook the Veneto where President Luca Zaia announced regional mourning on the day where the young mother's funeral will take place.
The story that led to the death of Vanessa Ballan is as terrible as it is sadly common to that of over a hundred women in Italy in 2023 alone, with the 26-year-old who was killed by Bujar Fandaj while she was three months pregnant with her second child.
It was her husband Nicola Scapinello who discovered the now lifeless body of the young woman, with whom she had decided she wanted to stay after having ended the relationship with Bujar Fandaj who, after having clumsily attempted to sidetrack the investigations, has now been arrested and risks life imprisonment as the murder was premeditated.
Fandaj, after having smashed one of the windows of the house where the woman lived with her family with a hammer, first beat the girl and then killed her with seven stab wounds.
After spending his first night in the barracks, the man still did not want to speak to the investigators.
In October Vanessa Ballan had reported Bujar Fandaj for stalking, with Treviso's chief prosecutor Marco Martani explaining how since then "there had been no more episodes of harassment, approaches or threats on Fandaj's part; the assessment made was of non-urgency, which unfortunately turned out to be unfounded", later admitting that "perhaps we underestimated the complaint".
read also Who is Bujar Fandaj, Vanessa Ballan's murderer: why was the complaint against him underestimated? Who was Vanessa Ballan Vanessa Ballan is just the latest victim in a long list of feminicides in Italy, with her death shocking Riese Pio X, a small town of just over ten thousand souls in the province of Treviso where she lived with her husband Nicola Scapinello and their 4 year old son.
Vanessa and Nicola got engaged very young at the age of 15.
After finishing high school, the girl began working as a sales assistant in a supermarket in Castelfranco Veneto, while Scapinello works in the family construction company.
It was inside the supermarket that Vanessa Ballan met Bujar Fandaj, then embarking on a brief clandestine relationship with him which the woman decided to end last summer.
The end of that story, however, was not accepted by the man who began to torment her and blackmail her into telling her husband everything, even going so far as to threaten her "if you don't come back with me I'll kill you".
So in October Vanessa decided to report Fandaj for stalking, then taking maternity leave when she learned she had become pregnant.
“The only measure that could have prevented the attack would have been precautionary custody in prison – added prosecutor Martani -, a measure to support which there was objectively insufficient evidence”.

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