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Paid Facebook and photos without rights, what's true?

Truth or fake news? This is the Hamlet-like doubt that has seized thousands of users upon hearing the news that Facebook is imposing a subscription on its users.
For days now we've been talking about nothing other than Meta's decision to introduce a paid plan for its platforms.
News that has caused considerable concern among users.
But the concern has been accompanied by a chain that is creating even more confusion.
It is more appropriate than ever to clarify, because it is true that Meta wants to launch a subscription for users, but not under the conditions that are circulating on Zuckerberg's social network.
For this reason it is appropriate to clarify and understand how Meta's social networks work.
Below is everything you need to know about the fateful subscription, how much it costs and what is true about sharing photos without rights.
Paid Facebook and photos without rights: fake news Those who frequent the Facebook social platform will surely have noticed that the home page has been filled with the exact same message (in slightly ungrammatical Italian) firmly claiming that they do not want to share their data and photos with Facebook, much less wanting to pay the $4.99 per month subscription to continue using the platform.
I'm deactivating too! So now they're doing it, just announced on Channel 4 News.
Facebook will charge all users starting Monday.
You can opt out by doing this.
Hold your finger on this message and copy it.
It cannot be shared.
I don't give Facebook permission to charge $4.99 a month to my account, either; all my photos are my property and NOT Facebook's!!! This is the message spreading fake news that users are continuing to repeat over the hours on their message boards.
First of all, it must be clarified that copying and pasting this message has no legal value, considering that a user accepts the so-called "Conditions of use" of the social network at the time of creating his account and that all changes implemented by the platform are notified to the It is the user who must approve them and it is perhaps here that users reveal a certain superficiality, by not reading the entire description of the conditions of use.
In any case, it is good to reassure users, Facebook is and will remain free, no subscription will be imposed on the user, but it is good to know that the possibility of signing up for a subscription with Facebook has actually been launched this month, but what is it? ? read also The richest people on Instagram in Italy and in the world in 2023.
Here's how much they earn Facebook subscription: what it involves and how much it costs If the message being circulated arises from a hoax, there is still a kernel of truth: Meta has really decided to launch a paid version of Instagram and Facebook.
Since November, Mark Zuckerberg's company has been offering European users the possibility of paying a monthly subscription to use Facebook and Instagram without advertising, but this is a possibility, not an obligation.
This means that free use of social media is still guaranteed.
In fact, those who decide not to sign up for a subscription will be able to continue using these services for free, while still viewing relevant advertisements.
All the work is on the algorithm that chooses advertising, exploiting user data, as required by the social network's Terms of Use.
But how much does a Facebook and Instagram subscription cost.
Even in this case the answer is not unique, it depends on whether the subscription is activated on the web or from mobile.
The cost of the subscription will therefore be: 9.99 euros per month on the web; 12.99 euros per month on iOS and Android.
Regardless of where you purchase, your subscription will be valid for all Facebook and Instagram accounts connected to your Account Management Center.
The platform explains that until March 1, 2024 "the initial subscription will be valid for all accounts connected to the user's Account Management Center", while starting from March 1, 2024, an additional cost of 6 euros per month for subscriptions subscribed on the web, and 8 euros per month for those activated on iOS and Android.
The important thing is that the subscription is not mandatory as suggested by that long chain on Facebook.
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