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Netherlands elections 2023, who wins? Candidates, polls and results

Netherlands elections 2023, who will win? The polls opened in the Netherlands this morning, Wednesday 22 November, with the vote coming two years early given the government crisis that led to the resignation of Mark Rutte.
Rutte, after leading the Netherlands for 13 years – during which there was certainly no shortage of controversy with Italy with the former prime minister leading the so-called frugal – resigned in July after his government went under always delicate topic of immigration and asylum requests.
In addition to resigning, Mark Rutte also announced his retirement from politics at the age of just 56, but in these elections in the Netherlands there will certainly be no shortage of candidates: twenty-six, with the best-known name on the board being that of former European Commissioner Frans Timmermans .
In fact, he will be the candidate of the Greens and the Socialists, while the right-wing leader Geert Wilders will also be in the field with the VVD – the conservative party long led by Mark Rutte – who will bet everything on the former Kurdish refugee Dilan Yesilgoz.
However, be careful of the centrist Pieter Omtzigt, who according to the polls could be the big surprise in the 2023 Dutch legislative elections, as well as the Farmers' Party – a Eurosceptic movement opposed to the green deal – of Caroline van der Plas.
We will have to wait until 8pm for the results, when the polls will close and the first exit polls will be released.
Holland elections 2023: candidates and results In the Netherlands the electoral law of legislative elections is proportional with the possibility of expressing preferences; the citizens will thus go on to elect the 150 members of the Tweede Kamer.
The prime minister is usually the leader of the party with the most representation in the Tweede Kamer and is appointed by royal decree.
As often happens when there is a proportional electoral system, it is not easy in the Netherlands to then create a government majority.
Starting from 8 pm, the results of the 2023 Dutch legislative elections can be followed below.
PartyLeaderVotesSeats VVD Dilan Yeşilgöz-Zegerius / / D66 Rob Jetten / / GL/PvdA Frans Timmermans / / PVV Geert Wilders / / CDA Henri Bontenbal / / SP Lilian Marijnissen / / PvdD Esther Ouwehand / / FvD Thierry Baudet / / CU Mirjam Bikker / / BBB Caroline van der Plas / / SGP Chris Stoffer / / DENK Stephan van Baarle / / Volt Laurens Dassen / / JA21 Joost Eerdmans / / BIJ1 Edson Olf / / NSC Pieter Omtzigt / / As usual the official results will be somewhat anticipated by the exit polls.
The polls In recent days, several polls have been carried out in view of the 2023 Dutch elections.
This would be the distribution of seats according to an Ipsos survey published just on the eve of the vote.
These are the percentages of the lists hypothesized by a Research survey.
As can be seen, the government parties could obtain fewer seats in the polls, all to the advantage of the centre-left, Wilders' right and Omtzigt's centrists.

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