Lotto draws in Italy

Lotto and Superenalotto draws, today 30 January 2024, the winning numbers

Our appointment with the Lotto and Superenalotto draws is back.
Even today, 30 January 2024, we are preparing to follow the live broadcast to find out the lucky numbers of the 11 Lotto wheels and the winning six.
We remind you that it is still possible to take part in today's draw, in an authorized betting shop or via the official online channels, by 7.30pm.
Half an hour later, starting from 8.00 pm, the Customs and Monopolies Agency will communicate the lucky combinations live.
Meanwhile, the race for the Superenalotto jackpot continues, which in the meantime has reached 53,000,000 euros.
In fact, in the last draw no player guessed the winning line-up.
It's almost time for the Lotto and Superenalotto draws.
Also this evening, starting from 8.00 pm, we will share the drawn and winning numbers live.
Please remember to refresh the page so as not to miss today's winning numbers draw and all the useful news about the competition.
read also Lotto draws, Superenalotto (and more): how much does the State earn? 8.16pm Superenalotto: here is the winning line-up Winning line-up: 10 – 76 – 89 – 82 – 5 – 83 Wildcards: 25 Superstars: 49 8.08pm Lotto draw: the winning numbers on the wheels of Venice and Nazionale Venezia: 17-26 -25-23-84 National: 90-55-32-67-39 20:06 Lotto draw: the winning numbers on the wheels of Palermo, Florence and Turin Palermo: 28-76-40-56-86 Florence: 18- 44-17-48-51 Turin: 9-61-8-3-59 20:04 Lotto draw: the winning numbers on the wheels of Bari, Cagliari and Genoa Bari: 21-49-82-81-20 Cagliari: 84 -40-35-47-50 Genoa: 55-28-30-40-27 8.02pm Lotto draw: the winning numbers on the wheels of Naples, Rome and Milan Naples: 70-20-53-71-69 Rome: 61-26-6-29-11 Milan: 70-20-53-71-69 7.30pm Bets closed for this evening It is 7.30pm and bets for this evening's draws are closed.
Half an hour left until the winning combinations 6.20pm Superenalotto: frequent and late numbers Frequent numbers: 86 77 6 55 49 81 Late numbers: 31 12 18 34 64 76

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