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Government reshuffle, who are the ministers at risk? It all depends on Draghi, him or Lollobrigida in Europe

Will there be a government reshuffle in Italy after the European elections in June? During the press conference at the end of the year Giorgia Meloni dismissed this hypothesis by explaining that "I don't hope for, I don't want and I'm not working on a reshuffle of ministers, I'm happy with my team".
However, a change in the various ministries could become inevitable next autumn.
When the new president of the European Commission and his team of commissioners are chosen after the summer in Brussels, each of the 27 member states of the European Union will have a box available.
If Italy does not nominate the next president of the European Commission, then the government will have to nominate its own commissioner who will then be vetted by special commissions: in the past there has been no shortage of sensational rejections.
The entire Berlaymont Palace team will then need the European Parliament's vote of confidence to be able to officially take office.
According to the latest polls, Fratelli d'Italia should fill up on seats in the next European elections, with Giorgia Meloni who will then have to choose who to send to represent the Bel Paese in Europe.
The inevitable rumors speak of a sort of challenge between Mario Draghi and Francesco Lollobrigida.
If in the end the choice were to fall on Francesco Lollobrigida, the position for the Department of Agriculture would be freed up in Rome, with Giorgia Meloni who could seize the opportunity by replacing several ministers and carrying out a real government reshuffle.
read also European elections 2024, when do you vote in Italy? Date, electoral law and polls Draghi or Lollobrigida: who in Brussels after the European elections? After the premature end of his government, Mario Draghi recently accepted Ursula von der Leyen's offer to prepare a report on the future of European competitiveness.
In recent days, a sort of procession took place in Milan where the former prime minister met around sixty top managers from the elite of community industry.
He has been talked about for some time as the possible next president of the European Commission, but the EPP – which according to polls should continue to be the largest group in Brussels after the next European elections – seems to be intent on wanting to reconfirm Ursula von der Leyen.
For Draghi, there is talk of a future role as president of the European Council, an important, prestigious and also less expensive position from the point of view of physical energy.
Unlike the leadership of the European Commission, it would above all be a position that would not take away Italy's right to appoint its own commissioner.
Who could then indicate Giorgia Meloni as commissioner? Given that Fratelli d'Italia is preparing to reach 30% in the European elections, the prime minister will probably want to fish within her party and, at the moment, all roads seem to lead to Francesco Lollobrigida.
Paradoxically, it would be the person directly involved who would be hesitant to accept such a position, fearing that his transfer to Brussels could resemble what the Latins called promoveatur ut amoveatur, or "he is promoted so that he is removed".
Furthermore, for Lollobrigida there would also be the risk of his candidacy being rejected by the EU.
Moreover, the minister's constant gaffes have created more than one embarrassment for Meloni, with the appointment of his brother-in-law as commissioner – perhaps for Agriculture – which could allow the Prime Minister to trigger a sort of domino effect in the ministries and to create a real government reshuffle.
Government reshuffle: who are the ministers at risk? In recent weeks there has been talk of a possible government reshuffle after the European elections as Matteo Salvini, in the belief that he can improve the result obtained in the last elections in June, would be ready to ask for more space for the League within the executive .
With the polls continuing to indicate the League below the double-digit threshold, with some investigations even suggesting an overtaking by the Forza Italia-Noi Moderati-UDC group to the detriment of the Northern League, the hypothesis of a reshuffle has lost quote.
However, the possible appointment of Francesco Lollobrigida as European Commissioner or the candidacy of some minister in the European elections could change the cards on the table, making a government reshuffle inevitable.
Moreover, there are several ministers that Giorgia Meloni would be happy to replace: Adolfo Urso (Made in Italy), Gennaro Sangiuliano (Culture), Gilberto Pichetto Fratin (Environment) and Daniela Santanchè (Tourism).
Naturally these are only rumors with any discussion regarding a possible reshuffle which will only be addressed after the European elections, when the polls will decide what the current real "weight" of the parties that make up the government majority is.

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