Elezioni amministrative 2024

Perugia 2024 Municipal Elections: Date, Candidates, Lists, and Polls

Elections in Perugia 2024: A Look at the Candidates and Electoral Law

The 2024 administrative elections in Perugia are set to be a significant event, with the first round coinciding with the European elections, creating an “election day” atmosphere.
The current mayor, Andrea Romizi, having served two consecutive terms, is ineligible to run again.
The center-right has chosen to endorse councilor Margherita Scoccia, while the center-left candidate will be Vittoria Ferdinandi, also supported by the 5 Star Movement.
Additionally, former Perugia midfielder Davide Baiocco will be running for Alternativa Popolare, among others.

Date and Electoral Process

The administrative elections in Perugia will take place on June 8th and 9th, also coinciding with the European elections.
In case of a runoff, it is scheduled for June 23rd and 24th.
The electoral law in Perugia is a majority system for mayoral elections, with proportional representation for councilors.
If no candidate secures an absolute majority in the first round, a runoff between the top two candidates will be held.

Candidates and Lists

The five mayoral candidates in Perugia for 2024 are Davide Baiocco, Leonardo Caponi, Vittoria Ferdinanda, Massimo Monni, and Margherita Scoccia.
Their respective supporting lists represent a diverse range of political affiliations, garnering significant attention for the upcoming elections.

Poll Predictions

Recent polls suggest a tight race between Margherita Scoccia and Vittoria Ferdinandi, with other candidates trailing behind in terms of voter preference.
The support for different lists varies, with the Democratic Party and Brothers of Italy featuring prominently in the survey results.
The upcoming elections in Perugia are poised to shape the political landscape of the city for the years to come.

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