This old Nokia is worth 25 thousand euros, here's why and what you need to pay attention to

The Nokia 1100 is one of the best-selling cell phones of all time.
An old Nokia, introduced in 2003, cost 25 thousand euros.
It is a particular model, but above all in good condition.
Anyone could own this special Nokia, but to understand it you have to pay attention to some specific features.
Let's find out why the old Nokia 1100 is worth 25 thousand euros today and what are the features that make the model rare and expensive for collectors.
read also Bad news for those who have a Samsung phone The history of the Nokia 1100: what makes it unique Even today, Nokia 1100s are an heirloom that is proudly shown to friends.
They have an iconic design, in their simple style, but recognizable by all.
It is no coincidence that it was one of the best-selling mobile phones of all time and which reached every continent.
The billionth phone sold by Nokia was a Nokia 1100 purchased in Nigeria.
Nokia has accompanied the entire history of portable phones with its cell phones, starting from 1982 up to the present day.
read also How to pay with your phone A Nokia 1100 for 25 thousand euros: what's special about it Nokia 1100s can be found online at a rather low price, between 9 and 50 euros.
The higher prices tend to describe working products, while the lower price is offered for non-working or working but less than perfect looking products.
The two elements that caused a drop in the selling price are the yellowed keyboard and the ruined battery.
From 50 euros to 25 thousand, however, the difference is huge.
What is it due to? The value of the Nokia 1100 model is given by a particular internal software.
This is software from 2002, installed on some devices from a specific German factory, namely one in Bochum.
This software has come to the attention of hackers specialized in breaching the defense systems of banking institutions and online banking services.
On Ebay a device of this type is sold for 399 euros.
The label reads: Nokia Corporation Type: RH-18 Model: 1100 Made in Germany Code: (secret) Imei (secret) read also Can I use my phone on the plane? How does the German software bug work? The bug in the German software has been known for some time.
The report was made by Ultrascan Advanced Global Investigations, an online security industry agency.
According to Frank Engelsman, company manager, this device is seen by cyber criminal organizations as a real treasure to carry out their scams.
We read online that the device, once reprogrammed, is able to use a telephone number different from the one associated with the SIM present in the device.
Credit institutions have introduced the sending of a temporary code via SMS to ensure account security and the Nokia 1100 allows the TAN code to be intercepted via SMS and the user's account access credentials can be obtained.
According to the Nokia company, there would be no bugs found in the specific software installed on the model, especially in terms of security.
It is not possible to control all the devices out there.

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