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What we know about the spy satellite launched by North Korea

After two failed attempts, North Korea launched its first military spy satellite into orbit.
With the success of the plan, North Korea beats South Korea to the deadline, which expected its first spy satellite to be in orbit by November 30th.
A space race that takes us back tens of years and also in this case scares the technological capacity of a country led by a dictator.
Not to mention that North Korea's space race is supported by Russian President Vladimir Putin.
In fact, a spy satellite has rather well-known military purposes, such as improving defense and attack capabilities.
Alarms were raised in South Korea and Japan, particularly in Okinawa Prefecture, an island located in the Ryūkyū archipelago, where citizens were invited to take shelter in shelters.
Yet, according to what was reported by the North Korean authorities, the Pyongyang government had signaled to Japan that the launch of a satellite-carrying missile would be carried out from 22 to 30 November.
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After two failed attempts, North Korea managed to launch its first spy satellite into space.
The first launch was carried out in May 2023, while the second was carried out during the summer, but it crashed into the sea.
South Korea is also attempting the space race with its own satellite, but the launch is scheduled for the end of November.
A launch window that had also been announced by North Korea, which had warned the Japanese government of a launch between November 22nd and 30th.
However, the launch seems to have taken Japan by surprise and in particular the Okinawa prefecture over which the missile carrying the satellite flew over.
Residents were asked to take shelter.
Unrest was also recorded in South Korea.
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In fact, a few weeks ago Vladimir Putin visited the Vostochny cosmodrome together with the North Korean leader.
Several interviews transcribed Putin's words regarding his ally's space aims and he said he came here for this, "the North Korean leader is very interested in missile technology".
In exchange for support for the space race, North Korea appears to have supplied Russia with more than 1 million shells for the war against Ukraine.
However, it is not clear how much Russian support in the development of North Korea's space program amounts to.
The launch of South Korea's first developed satellite is scheduled for November 30.
The rocket will launch from the Vandenberg base in California.
The launch will take place from the United States because South Korea has been very limited in space development.
Fearing an arms race, the United States convinced South Korea in 1979 to accept some limits, which have only been reduced since 2001 and then abolished in 2021.
Technological development, in particular satellite technology, may not represent a threat, but indeed, ease the tension between the two Koreas and their allies.
In fact, for North Korea, having a clearer eye on movements, even harmless activities such as an exercise, could prevent more threatening statements and actions.

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