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What to do if you don't have money to pay taxes

There are many Italian citizens who are finding it increasingly difficult to meet tax deadlines and pay taxes, having to provide more urgently for their own and their family's primary living needs: rent, shopping and medical care.
It's not always about clever people who don't want to pay taxes, but rather very often there is a real economic difficulty in doing so.
And it is precisely the objective impossibility rather than a lack of will that worries these people, who still want to get in order and above all avoid having to pay even more for penalties and late payment interest.
So what to do if you don't have enough money? Let's see what ways are permitted by law to lighten this load.
Obviously, it is useful to benefit from the reductions and exemptions available, as well as request payment in installments where possible.
Here are the possibilities for the main taxes.
Tari As regards the Tari, i.e.
the tax on waste, you should know that it is possible to ask your local municipality for the payment to be made in instalments.
Each municipality provides specific rules in this regard, with the possibility of requesting an advance payment and presenting specific documents (such as the ISEE certification).
However, it should be known that according to what has been established by Arera, the municipalities are obliged to pay the Tari fees in installments for a minimum amount of 100 euros for some subjects: Beneficiaries of the social bonus for water, gas and electricity; in difficult economic conditions, according to the parameters defined by the competent local authority; for charged amounts that exceed the average value of invoices issued in the last two years by 30%.
Even outside of these hypotheses, you should not give up regardless of the possibility of paying in installments, with the specific rules of your municipality.
Furthermore, some people can take advantage of a discount on the Tari corresponding to the waste bonus, reserved for: Units with ISEE up to 8,265 euros; large families with ISEE up to 20,000 euros; recipients of income or citizenship pension.
Furthermore, those who demonstrate particular requirements may be entitled to certain reductions in tariffs or even exemptions.
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To submit the application you must consult the methods indicated by the Region or, in their absence, directly from the Revenue Agency's electronic portal.
Please note, however, that it is possible to pay the car tax in installments by paying from sites authorized to collect the tax and participating in PagoPa through PayPal.
The installment plan is subject to the requirements and conditions imposed by the company, but without additional interest on the installments.
Furthermore, please note that some people are exempt from paying car tax, in particular: People with serious disabilities pursuant to law no.
104/1992 for a vehicle with a cylinder capacity not exceeding 2,000 cc, which rises to 2,800 for diesels, or 150 kW for electric motors; vehicles of historical interest included in the appropriate registers; vehicles over thirty years old not used for professional use.
Vehicles with a registration period of between 20 and 29 years with a certificate of historical relevance are entitled to a 50% reduction in car tax.
However, it is essential to consult the legislation of your region to find out about any other exemptions or reductions.
Imu Also regarding the Imu it is possible to request an installment of the tax due, obtaining up to 72 monthly installments (provided you are in temporary and objective difficulty).
The institutions can however further regulate the installment plan, but for debts exceeding 6,000.01 euros the maximum duration cannot be less than 36 monthly installments.
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Also with regard to Irpef there are possibilities of installments regarding the desired amounts.
In particular, it is possible to request up to 6 total installments (4 for pensioners) directly when completing the tax return.
Furthermore, we remind you of the possibility of calculating Irpef with the forecast method.
Anyone who expects to collect less for reasonable reasons (expiry of the employment contract or reduction in work for example) can communicate this to the Revenue Agency to obtain a reduction in the advance payment.
Of course, if the predictions are incorrect, you must pay the amount due, plus penalties and interest.
Finally, the Irpef refund is added when due.
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