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Lotto and Superenalotto draws today Tuesday 20 February, numbers drawn live

This evening February 20th new draw for Lotto and Superenalotto.
The hunt for the millionaire jackpot will start again and this evening it will be €63,300,000.
In the Superenalotto draw on Saturday 17 February, 775,346 prizes were awarded, for a total of €4,616,798 won.
The highest were the 14 points 5 who won just over 15,000 euros each.
For the Lotto game, however, in Friday's draw a lucky player from Rome took home the highest win of 2024 by guessing a double quadruplet on the wheel of Cagliari and All with the numbers: 29-31-57-61) .
With a bet of 4 euros on the Cagliari wheel and 4 on all wheels he won 238,000 euros in total.
It didn't get any worse on Saturday when the highest win occurred in Mondolfo, in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, where a lucky winner won 124,750 euros thanks to a 3 euro quadruple on the wheel of Genoa.
Second place went to the 45,000 euros won in Sesto San Giovanni, in the province of Milan, with a win on the National Wheel.
The podium was completed by the win of 22,500 euros centered in Livorno.
Lotto draws, today's Superenalotto Tuesday 20 February, numbers drawn live 8.31pm Superenalotto: the winning sestina Sestina: 5-30-36-43-48-78 Wild number: 79 Superstar: 51 8.12pm Lotto draw: here tonight's winning numbers Bari: 4-76-81-14-49 Cagliari: 12-25-58-47-72 Florence: 44-47-11-34-32 Genoa: 73-57-10-5-16 Milan: 80-26-48-61-59 Naples: 23-85-34-24-61 Palermo: 1-24-69-73-64 Rome: 64-80-29-44-59 Turin: 9-75- 85-31-65 Venice: 89-24-79-1-73 National: 26-3-88-47-63 8.08pm Lotto draw: the winning numbers on the wheels of Venice and National Venice: 89-24-79 -1-73 National: 26-3-88-47-63 20:06 Lotto draw: the winning numbers on the wheels of Florence, Palermo and Turin Florence: 44-47-11-34-32 Palermo: 1-24- 69-73-64 Turin: 9-75-85-31-65 20:04 Lotto draw: the winning numbers on the wheels of Bari, Cagliari, Genoa Bari: 4-76-81-14-49 Cagliari: 12-25 -58-47-72 Genoa: 73-57-10-5-16 20:02 Lotto draw: the winning numbers on the wheels of Rome, Milan and Naples Rome: 64-80-29-44-59 Milan: 80- 26-48-61-59 Naples: 23-85-34-24-61 5.40pm Superenalotto: late and frequent numbers Late numbers: 1-8-18-31-41-65; Frequent numbers: 6-55-77-81-85-86.
5.37pm The Bari Lotto late numbers: 78 missing from 191 draws; Cagliari: 16 missing from 82 draws; Florence: 64 missing from 89 draws; Genoa: 20 missing from 61 draws; Milan: 1 missing from 113 draws; Naples: 33 missing from 85 draws; Palermo: 27 missing from 163 draws; Rome: 89 missing from 118 draws; Turin: 89 missing from 94 draws; Venice: 48 missing from 108 draws; National: 66 missing from 54 draws.

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