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Teachers salary December 2023, payment in advance: the dates

The December 2023 teacher salary payment arrives ahead of the ordinary calendar which runs from January to November.
The December salary, however, will not arrive on the same days for all teachers, but there should be a difference between those who are tenured and those who have a substitute contract and also based on the grade at which they teach, therefore between childhood and primary and lower and upper secondary schools.
Not only that, the December salary of teachers will have an increased amount for many, if not doubled, thanks to the thirteenth salary and for some also thanks to the advance of the contractual holiday allowance.
Let's see what the salary payment dates for December 2023 are.
Teachers' salary in December 2023, payment in advance: the dates.
The calendar for the payment of the December 2023 salary for teachers establishes that it must be paid in advance by the middle of the month even if not for all.
The luckiest, in fact, will be those who have a permanent contract while they will have to wait for substitutes with fixed-term contracts for a short or occasional substitution assigned by institute rankings for which the special issue is foreseen.
The crediting of the salary is therefore anticipated compared to the ordinary date of the 23rd.
The payment dates of the teachers' December salary are as follows: on Wednesday 13th December the special issue is scheduled for the Short and Occasional Substitute staff of the school and staff Fire Brigade Volunteer; between Thursday 14 and Friday 15 December the salary of teachers with a permanent contract or with a fixed-term contract on 30 June or 31 August 2024 should be paid.
The first day should concern nursery and primary teachers, the second day should concern teachers middle and high school; Payment for the special issue should arrive by Friday 22 December.
All teachers will be able to check their salary installments once the payslip is available in the reserved area of NoiPa.
Teachers with short and occasional substitute work will be able to check whether the special issue is foreseen for them in the "Payment consultation" section of the platform.
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The thirteenth is paid to public and private employees as a Christmas bonus before the holidays.
The thirteenth salary is calculated on the months worked, therefore for a permanent teacher it will correspond to an extra salary on the paycheck.
Permanent teachers and those with a contract as of 30 June or 31 August 2024 awarded by GPS for the months worked up to December will receive the thirteenth with their salary (the remaining part will be credited in December 2024).
Teachers with short or occasional substitute positions awarded by institute rankings receive the thirteenth installment with the monthly salary installment.
The contractual holiday allowance, on the other hand, paid with the December salary to teachers with permanent contracts, is nothing more than the advance for the renewal of the national collective labor agreement, the Ccnl of the Education and research sector 2022/2024 .
The other teachers will receive their due share in 2024.
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