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Italian Stock Exchange, open or closed on November 1, 2023?

Is the Italian Stock Exchange open or closed on the November 1, 2023 holiday? On the first of November our country commemorates All Saints' Day and many work activities are closed because the date is red in the calendar, therefore a holiday and not a working day.
What happens in Piazza Affari? Do trading take place regularly and trades respect the usual times, or are there variations? This is the question of investors.
Let's see what the Italian Stock Exchange calendar says: open or closed on November 1, 2023? Is the Italian Stock Exchange open on November 1st? November 1, 2023 is Wednesday and Borsa Italiana is open, as can be read on the trading calendar of Piazza Affari.
Trading on the Italian financial center therefore takes place regularly on Wednesday 1 November 2023, at the usual time 9.00-17.30.
There is a change, however, in the All Saints' Day holiday: the After-Hours segment will remain closed.
For a total stop of the Italian Stock Exchange in 2023, we must instead wait for the Christmas period, when trading will be closed all day: Monday 25 December (Christmas) and Tuesday 26 December (St.
Stephen's Day).
In conclusion, on the holiday of 1 November 2023 Borsa Italiana is open, with the exception of After Hours trading.

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