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Low ISEE, concessions and bonuses to request in 2024

The low ISEE, even in 2024, guarantees many families to benefit from protections, bonuses and concessions.
The ISEE, in fact, photographs the economic situation of families by taking into consideration the income of all members of the household but also the composition of the family itself (presence of minors, invalids and non-self-sufficient elderly people, for example).
The lower the ISEE value, the greater the advantages the family can have access to.
There are concessions and bonuses that do not need to be requested and are paid automatically (such as the social bonus), in other cases, however, you must submit an application to be entitled to them.
As regards bonuses and benefits, however, we must pay attention to how the legislation changes: some are structural and are confirmed year after year, while others undergo upheavals or end (as in the case of citizenship income which no longer exists in 2024 ) replaced, perhaps, by other measures.
In still other cases, however, the ISEE could vary to be entitled to the benefits (always think of the social bonus for which the enhanced one ends and you return to the ISEE normally required to be entitled to it).
The amount of some of these benefits varies based on the ISEE, and other bonuses are accessible only with an ISEE below a certain threshold and have an equal benefit for all those who are entitled to it.
In fact, to have access to a series of economic benefits, it is not necessary for the ISEE to be zero.
Furthermore, measures are often activated on a regional or municipal basis.
To make sure you don't miss out on benefits to which you are entitled but which are activated with a specific application, you need to stay constantly updated.
Below is an overview of the bonuses due to families with low ISEE.
read also How to get out of the family ISEE? Low ISEE, bonuses, benefits and discounts in 2024 Bonus for telephone, gas and electricity bills Electricity bonus 2024 with low ISEE Ordinary purchasing card for shopping and bills Card dedicated to you 2024 Psychologist bonus Free current account also in 2024 with ISEE up to 11,600 euros Inclusion allowance with ISEE up to 9,360 euros Support for job training with low ISEE 2024 Bonus for books, school and taxes based on income: some examples Health benefits: ticket exemption 2024 school trip bonus with low ISEE Single allowance 2024 How and where to make the ISEE model Bonus bills for telephone, gas and electricity Let's start with the benefits on bills: families in economic difficulty are entitled to discounts on gas, electricity, water and even telephone utilities.
As regards the telephone service, the discount consists of a 50% discount on the telephone network access fee, which goes from 19 euros to a maximum of 9.50 euros.
The bonus on the telephone bill is recognized by all those who have an annual income, certified by the Isee 2024 model, which must be less than 8,112.23 euros if they have a contract with the Tim operator.
Among the benefits aimed at those with a low ISEE model value there are the social bonus for gas, water and electricity.
The income limit varies based on the composition of the family unit: generally the value of the ISEE model must not exceed 9,530 euros; for families with at least 4 dependent children the value of the ISEE indicator must not exceed 20 thousand euros.
For 2023 the social bonus had been strengthened and recognized to families with ISEE not exceeding 15,000 euros (30,000 euros in the presence of at least 4 dependent children).
The enhanced social bonus, however, ended on 31 December 2023 and we therefore return to the ordinary requirements for having it.
The amount of the discount, applied directly to the bill, is calculated according to various parameters: for the bonus on the electricity bill, only the size of the family unit is calculated.
As regards the gas bonus, the calculation is more complex because it is carried out not only on the basis of the use made of it (cooking, hot water, heating), but also on the basis of the climate zone to which it belongs.
In any case, the amount of the bonuses is updated by Arera, on its website, quarterly.
read also Bills that are too high: how to pay in installments also in 2023? Electricity bonus 2024 with low ISEE Only for the first quarter of 2024 (monthly January, February and March) the so-called electricity bonus remains in force, i.e.
the enhanced social bonus only for electricity.
Therefore, the following will be able to benefit from it: families with ISEE up to 15,000 euros; large families with at least 4 dependent children with ISEE up to 30,000 euros.
Once the quarter in question has expired, the electricity bill will also return to the ordinary social bonus based on the ISEE limits reported in the previous paragraph.
Ordinary purchasing card for shopping and bills The ordinary purchasing card is an electronic payment card granted to citizens who are in financial difficulty.
It is not open to everyone, but only to families in which there are members aged under 3 or over 65.
The amount of 80 euros is credited to the card every two months, which can be used for food shopping in participating businesses and for the payment of gas and electricity bills at post offices.
The card is not enabled for cash withdrawals.
Purchasing card holders can also get a 5% discount in shops and pharmacies participating in the initiative.
The discount is recognized exclusively for purchases made with the Purchasing Card and is not applicable to the purchase of medicinal specialties or for the payment of healthcare bills.
Among the requirements to be able to apply for the 2024 ordinary purchasing card is the ISEE value not exceeding 8,052.75 euros, which for those aged 75 and over rises to 10,737 euros.
Card dedicated to you 2024 The Card Dedicated to you in 2024 has also been confirmed for those with a low ISEE.
A new assignment will be made and it is up to all those who meet the following requirements: ISEE 2024 not exceeding 15,000 euros; not be holders of other income support such as Inclusion Allowance (the measure which from 1 January takes the place of Citizenship Income.
It should be underlined that even if you respect both requirements you may not be a beneficiary of the card as by law the INPS will draw up a ranking that takes into consideration different priorities, that is: in the first step only families with at least three members are taken into consideration, of which at least one was born by 31 December 2010; then families with at least three members are taken into consideration of which at least one was born by 31 December 2006; finally all other families.
Psychologist bonus The psychologist bonus has been confirmed, which has been made structural for 2023 and 2024.
The maximum amount payable is equal to 1,500 euros and not the requirements and methods of applying for the bonus change.
For the operating methods, it is necessary to wait for the provisions of the INPS.
read also Psychologist bonus 2024: application, who is entitled to it, amount and how it works Free current account also in 2024 with ISEE up to 11,600 euro Even those with a not excessively low ISEE are entitled to some benefits: among these there is the possibility of accessing the free basic current account.
Pensioners with pension benefits not exceeding 18 thousand euros per year will be able to request to open a zero-cost current account, as well as all taxpayers who present an ISEE form with a value not exceeding 11,600 euros.
The initiative serves precisely to guarantee the possibility of having a current account without fees.
It should be underlined, however, that the basic account at a reduced cost, like the free account, provides limited services and holders will only be able to carry out a certain number of transactions.
read also New controls on credit cards and current accounts: how they work and who risks the most Inclusion allowance with ISEE up to 9,360 euros Not exceeding the ISEE value of 9,360 euros is one of the requirements required to be able to have the inclusion allowance, the measure that replaced the citizen's income.
The benefit is reserved only for families defined as fragile, i.e.
those in which there is: at least one minor; a disabled person; a member over 60 years old.
Family members who are considered employable do not fall within the equivalence scale parameter and this could lead to a reduction in the benefit due.
Support for job training with low ISEE 2024 Having an ISEE of up to 6,000 euros allows you to request support for training and work, the new measure that started last September.
With the same, a bonus of 350 euros is recognized for each employable member of the family unit who takes part in training or orientation initiatives to find work.
It seems obvious that the ISEE required to request this bonus is very low and allows access only to families bordering on poverty.
Bonuses for books, school and taxes based on income: some examples The Italian welfare system pays particular attention to the world of education, and tries to bridge the income gap by offering bonuses and benefits, so that the right to study is preserved.
For this reason, for families with low incomes, specific benefits are provided calculated on the basis of the ISEE.
For example, there is the exemption from paying school taxes, alongside the voucher for school books regulated every year by Municipalities and Regions.
The right to benefits also extends to the university years: in addition to being able to compete for the assignment of scholarships, there is total exemption from paying taxes for families with an ISEE of less than 20 thousand euros, while for those with an income indicator between 20 thousand and 30 thousand euros there are important discounts and reductions.
read also Isee University, no taxes up to 26,306 euros: news and discounts coming Healthcare concessions: copay exemption As part of the protection of the right to health, please note that exemption from the health copay is provided for specific categories of taxpayers and within specific income limits (without the need to present the ISEE form.
The exemption from the ticket for those with low incomes is valid in the following cases: CODE E01: Citizens aged under six years and over sixty-five years, belonging to a family family with a total annual income not exceeding 36,151.98 euros.
CODE E02: Unemployed and their dependent family members belonging to a family unit with a total annual income of less than 8,263.31 euros, increased up to 11,362.05 euros in the presence of the spouse and at the rate of a further 516.46 euros for each dependent child.
CODE E03: Recipients of social pensions and their dependent family members.
CODE E04: Recipients of minimum pensions over sixty years of age and their dependent family members, belonging to a family unit with a total annual income of less than 8,263.31 euros, increased up to 11,362.05 euros in the presence of the spouse and at the rate of a further 516.46 euros for each dependent child.
read also Bonus with ISEE in 2023, this year too there will be discounts and benefits for everyone School trip bonus 2024 with low ISEE The school trip bonus is a bonus aimed at students of secondary state schools (higher studies).
The application is submitted by accessing the Single Platform of the Ministry of Education, by those who have a valid 2024 ISEE, from 15 January to 15 February 2024.
The contribution that can be obtained will be a maximum of 150 euros and can be used to pay educational trips and study trips.
For those who have already incurred these expenses, however, it is possible to obtain a refund by presenting the documentation certifying the payment.
To be entitled to this benefit it is necessary to have an ISEE that does not exceed 5,000 euros.
Single allowance 2024 The single and universal allowance is due for each dependent minor child and for adult children up to 21 years of age (but in this case only in the presence of certain conditions).
In the case of dependent children with disabilities, however, there are no age limits for receiving the universal single allowance.
The amounts are as follows: the monthly allowance has a maximum amount of 199.41 euros for minor children; the minimum amount for minor children is 57.02 euros; the monthly allowance has a maximum amount of 96.86 euros for adult children between 18 and 21 years of age; the minimum amount for adult children is 27.00 euros.
There are no ISEE limits: the single allowance, as it is universal, is available to all families with minor and adult children (in some cases).
The aforementioned maximum amount is only available to families with ISEE up to 17,090.61 euros.
Once this threshold is exceeded, the allowance progressively decreases until it reaches the minimum amount of 57.02 euros upon reaching an ISEE of 45,574.96 euros (based on Istat revaluations).
Above €45,574.96 the amount of the single allowance remains €57.02 per month.
The same applies to those who wish to request the benefit without presenting the ISEE.
read also Single allowance 2024, the tables with the new amounts and income limits How and where to apply for the ISEE form To request the ISEE form you can go to a Caf and request the DSU to be filled out free of charge.
To make the ISEE form, which can also be requested online, you need to be in possession of some specific documents: from income to the composition of the family unit up to the average balance in your bank accounts.
The ISEE can be requested at any time of the year and the form is valid until 31 December of the year following the one in which it was requested.
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