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Summer 2024 Bonuses: Discover the Latest Active Incentives

Summer 2024 Bonuses: Financial Aid to Beat the Heat

Summer 2024 brings a variety of benefits aimed at helping workers cope with the sweltering heat.
These economic advantages, not subject to Isee limits, offer significant savings on many expenses typically incurred during the hot season.
In addition to bonuses for air conditioners, awnings, and mosquito nets, there are also economic benefits for parents with children attending summer camps.

Air Conditioner Bonus

As the scorching heat approaches, it’s natural to want to cool down your home environment.
Installing air conditioners is the ideal solution, especially considering that throughout 2024 the so-called air conditioner bonus is available.
This incentive, linked to building bonuses, allows for a 50% tax deduction on expenses incurred for purchasing and installing air conditioners at home.
To qualify for the benefit, the air conditioner must either replace an existing system or be usable for heating in winter.

For more information on the air conditioner bonus, you can refer to the detailed article on this topic.

Mosquito Net Bonus

Another bonus included in the broader scope of building bonuses is the mosquito net bonus, which helps protect against annoying summer insects.
The 50% tax deduction for purchasing and installing mosquito nets, up to a maximum of €60,000, is provided through the ecobonus.
Certain requirements must be met, such as having the CE marking, ensuring energy efficiency, and protection from direct sunlight.

For more details on eligibility criteria, refer to the dedicated article on the mosquito net bonus.

Awning Bonus

Similarly tied to the ecobonus, the awning bonus enhances the energy efficiency of homes by providing solar shading.
This feature helps keep the house cooler, reducing the need for air conditioners or fans.
The 50% tax deduction, capped at €60,000, applies to the purchase and installation of various shading solutions, including external blinds, shutters, and internal roller blinds.

To learn more about the awning bonus, consult the in-depth analysis of the mosquito net bonus.

Summer Camp Deduction

With schools closed, many parents need to enroll their children in summer camps, often out of necessity rather than choice.
While the current regulations do not allow deductions for these expenses, there are ways to still benefit from tax relief.
Summer camps, ranging from playrooms to sports centers, can qualify for deductions if the main activity is sports-related.

By specifying the predominant sports activity in the payment receipt, parents can claim a 19% tax deduction, up to €210 per child.
Discover more insights on maximizing deductions for summer camps.

Extra Fourteenth Salary

In June, pensioners and certain categories of employees are entitled to an additional salary installment, known as the fourteenth.
The eligibility criteria, income thresholds, and payment details are outlined in the dedicated article on the 2024 fourteenth salary.

The extra June payment is not exclusive to retirees, as some private sector employees also receive this benefit based on their collective agreements.
Government employees, however, do not receive this extra payment in addition to their annual bonuses.

Tax Refund 730

Another significant summer financial aid is the tax refund known as “730,” typically granted to employees and pensioners with no other incomes who incurred deductible expenses in 2023.
The actual payment timing during the summer months depends on when the 730 tax return is submitted, with disbursements typically following the month after filing.

A May submission ensures a refund by July, while a June submission results in a refund by August, and so forth.

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