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Are you a parent? Discover bonuses up to 10,645 euros per year per child

State Bonuses for Families: Support for Parents

Are you a parent? You might not know it, but there are state bonuses that can amount up to €10,645 per year for each child.
These allowances, provided by the government, are meant to financially support parents in raising and educating their children.
Some of these bonuses aim to increase the birth rate, as having a child can be a financial burden for many families.

Family Benefits Breakdown

Let’s delve into the various bonuses, aids, and discounts that are available when deciding to have a child.

Unique Allowance, up to €5,433.4 per year

Starting with the most substantial benefit, the unique allowance for children is a monthly economic provision that parents receive.
The basic amount for those with an ISEE (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator) up to €17,090.61 is €199.4 per month, totaling €2,392.8 annually per child.

For children under one year of age, the monthly amount is increased by 50%, reaching €299.1 per month, or €3,589.2 per year.
This increase applies until the child turns three in families with at least three minor children.
If both parents have income from work, there is a monthly increase of €34.10, totaling €409.2 annually.

If the child under one year, with both parents earning income within the set threshold, is also disabled and not self-sufficient, there is an additional monthly increase of €119.60, bringing the total annual unique allowance to €5,433.4.

Nursery School Bonus, up to €3,600 per year

Another crucial benefit for parents in 2024 is the nursery school bonus, reaching €3,600 annually for the second child.
The amount varies based on the ISEE:

  • €3,000 for ISEE up to €25,000
  • €2,500 for ISEE between €25,000 and €40,000
  • €1,500 for ISEE over €40,000

It’s important to note that the nursery school bonus can be cumulated with the unique allowance.
For families meeting specific criteria, the total annual amount combining both measures can reach €9,033.4.

Municipal Maternity Allowance

For women without insurance coverage during pregnancy, qualifying for the Municipal Maternity Allowance, when added with other benefits, can amount to €10,645.05 annually per child.

Support for Older Children

Aside from benefits focusing on young children, there are tax deductions for education expenses and sports activities of older children, enhancing the financial support available to families with school-going kids.

These various aids and bonuses aim to alleviate the financial burden of raising children and encourage a higher birth rate, ensuring families receive the necessary support from the state.

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