Belarus thinks about invading Poland: will the world war start from the Suwalki corridor?

Will World War III materialize because of Belarus? A video released at home where President Alexander Lukashenko is seen discussing plans to invade Poland with his generals is increasing, if possible, the level of tension in the Old Continent where among NATO member countries it no longer seems to be a taboo to speak openly about sending troops to Ukraine.
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… — Belsat TV (@Belsat_TV) March 26, 2024 Alexander Lukashenko is what can be defined as a modern dictator: in office since 1994, in theory he has always won every election, but Belarus is at last place among European states in the Democracy Index, a sort of Economist ranking where the democracy index of countries around the world is analysed.
At the same time, the very close relationship between the Belarusian president and Vladimir Putin is no mystery, so much so that many have defined Belarus as a sort of puppet state at the total mercy of Moscow and a sure ally of the Federation if a third world war ever breaks out .
It is no coincidence that when the war broke out, Russian troops invaded Ukrainian territory also starting from Belarus, then trying unsuccessfully to head towards the capital Kiev.
The Minsk army has also been on high alert for some time, ready to intervene at the first whistle from Putin.
So Lukashenko's video is disturbing: if Belarus really intends to invade Poland and then subsequently Lithuania – two members of NATO -, it would inevitably be the trigger for the third world war.
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The news arriving from Belarus would seem to suggest that in history books the Third World War could be linked to the Suwalki corridor, i.e.
a 65 km long strip that divides Poland from Lithuania but also Belarus from the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad.
Basically, during his visit to the military in the Ashmyan district, Alexander Lukashenko would have discussed with the Belarusian generals an invasion of Poland along the Suwalki corridor up to Kaliningrad, a way to break the isolation of the Russian enclave and effectively eliminate any land connection between Lithuania – and the other two Baltic states of Latvia and Estonia – with the rest of the territory of the Atlantic Alliance.
This is a way to prepare for a possible attack on Lithuania by Russia and Belarus, an eventuality reiterated several times recently by various Western leaders who for this reason are considering the possibility of sending their soldiers to Ukraine.
Above all, such a scenario would mean starting the third world war, given that the NATO countries – including Italy – would immediately be called to rush to the aid of the allies under attack.
One way or another, the sad feeling is that we are heading towards an inevitable military clash between Russia and NATO, a potentially nuclear war that could forever mark the fate of all humanity, but no one at the moment seems to want listen to the words of Pope Francis.
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