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Trial office competition 2024, when the notice comes out and number of places

The Ministry of Justice is planning a hiring plan for thousands of professional figures.
There isn't much time left until the announcement for the competition for the Trial Office section is released.
Who will be able to participate? The competition for the Trial Office section – the organizational structure which aims to guarantee the reasonable duration of the trial through the innovation of efficient and organizational models – is looking for graduate personnel.
According to the hiring freeze of the extraordinary hiring planning of the M1C1 Mission – Human Capital and the PNRR Office (law no.
80 of 2021), 8,250 positions have been advertised, in addition to 8,000 positions financed by PNRR funds.
The competition notice for the Office section of the process is being released, in fact the first 4,200 winners are expected to be in service as early as 2024 (initially with a 2-year fixed-term contract).
read also INPS competition for graduates, announcement in 2024: requirements, salary and number of places Trial Office competition: release date of the announcement The competition for the Trial Office section is long overdue.
Already in the 2022 report, the Ministry of Justice had highlighted the lack of staff in the offices (26%).
The hiring freeze over the last twenty years is to blame, which has led to around 11,500 vacancies.
Between these and the numbers requested by the extraordinary hiring planning of the M1C1 Mission – Human Capital and PNRR Office (2021) and the staff requested and financed by PNRR funds, the units hired will be well in excess of the vacant positions.
The hirings, divided into two phases, include 16,500 units.
The need to fill empty positions as soon as possible is high and for this reason the competition notice for the Trial Office will be published by 2023, with a short-term competition.
This will allow the winners to enter service as early as 2024.
read also Foreign Ministry competition, 1,200 hires: what we know about dates, requirements and salaries What is the Trial Office? As stated in the information notes of the Ministry of Justice, the Trial Office is: an organizational structure established with the aim of "guaranteeing the reasonable duration of the trial, through the innovation of organizational models and ensuring a more efficient use of information and communication technologies.
The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) has given a turning point to the Italian system.
Among the aims of the Plan there is in fact the efficiency of the procedures, with the reduction of time.
What do the trial office staff do? The tasks to be carried out are: collaborate in the study of controversy and jurisprudence; prepare draft measures; collaborate in the organization, for the benefit of the entire office.
with internal jurisprudential databases); assist the magistrate and the entire judicial office in all preparatory and collateral activities to the decision.
read also Extraordinary school competition ter 2023: how to prepare while waiting for the announcement Who can participate in the competition? The competition for the Trial Office section is open to graduates with certain requirements.
Among these: degree in Law degree in Economics degree in Political Science In the ministry documents we read that there are benefits for those hired, namely: access to the ordinary judiciary competition (preferred qualification); access to the notary/lawyer profession (1 year of internship); the specialization school for the legal professions (1 year of attendance); access to the honorary judiciary (preferential title).
These will have to pass the competition, which involves the evaluation of qualifications and preferentially the evaluation of the internship at the Ministry of Justice.
The selection will take place through a single written test and will consist of a test of 40 multiple choice questions, to be solved in one hour.
The subjects covered will be the following: Public law; Informatics; Judicial system; English language.

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