How much do children pay at the cinema and from what age

How much do children pay at the cinema? It is not obvious to respond with "reduced price" or "free entry" (if infants).
The story of Alessia Masaracchia, mother of a 40-day-old newborn, who was asked to pay full price for her ticket and that of her newborn for entry to the cinema, quickly made the rounds on the web.
The woman went to the cinema in Stezzano on January 20th with three friends and her son, a newborn.
She was also asked to pay for the child, citing safety as the reason.
The woman then paid for a ticket costing 9 euros, full fare, for her 40-day-old newborn son.
The cinema managers justified the request by stating that entry into the theater must be paid by everyone, but it is common practice to allow free or reduced entry for small children, under 10 years of age for example or for newborns.
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The protagonist, Alessia Masaracchia, mother of a newborn just 40 days old, went to the cinema in Stezzano (Bergamo) to watch Leonardo Pieraccioni's It seems like a lot of Paris together with three friends.
The surprise came when payment was also made for a ticket for the newborn, at the full price of 9 euros.
According to reports, the mother had brought her son tied with a band and was surprised by the request for the fifth ticket.
The explanation given by the cinema managers is that entry into the theater must be paid by everyone, including children.
However, generally, under 9 years old should be guaranteed a reduced price.
The mother emphasized that the newborn remained with her the entire time, did not occupy a chair and did not cause any disturbance.
His perplexity concerns the fact that, in general, such young children are guaranteed free entry to other shows, as well as to public transport.
How much should children and babies pay at the cinema? This story sparked a controversy, with many criticizing the cinema's behavior.
However, the pricing policy for children may vary depending on local laws and cinema policies.
Many movie theaters offer reduced rates for children, often for those under a certain age limit, which generally ranges between 2 and 12 years old.
In some cases, children may even benefit from free entry when accompanied by a paying adult.
However, specific policies may vary between theaters and locations.
Therefore, it is advisable to check directly with the cinema you are interested in to obtain accurate information on rates for children and avoid any surprises when purchasing tickets.
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The Space Cinema – children up to 10 years old pay a standard reduced price of 6.90 euros (1 euro less for adults) if you buy the ticket online and 7.90 euros (1 euro less for adults) for the purchase at the cinema; UCI Cinemas – from 0 to 2 years a free baby ticket is provided, from 3 years a full price paying ticket is provided; Notorious – up to 8 years of age a reduced ticket is available at 8 euros (2 euros less for adults) while children under 3 years old enter for free; The city of cinema – offers a reduced price of 6 euros for children; Citylife Anteo – reduced price up to 12 years; Massimo Ferrero Cinemas Adriano – reduced price up to 7 years.

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