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Citizenship income December 2023, by when must it be spent?

As is known, starting from January 2024 the citizen's income will cease to exist and will be replaced by a new measure called the inclusion allowance.
This means that old income recipients will receive the last amount in December.
In the past this amount had to be spent in full in the month otherwise there was a risk of a reduction.
Does this rule also apply to the December amount? The Ministry of Labor clarified this.
Citizenship income December 2023: no reduction Until November, those who did not spend the amount of income in the same month of disbursement faced a monthly or half-yearly reduction.
In the case of a monthly deduction, this was 20% of the amount disbursed and not used in the same month of credit, unless the residual amount was less than 8 euros.
In the case of the six-monthly reduction, this was calculated on the excess accumulated in six months compared to a monthly payment of the citizen's income.
Since the Rdc will no longer exist from January, this rule will not apply to the amount paid in December.
This is confirmed by the FAQ published by the Ministry of Labour: starting from December there will be no penalties for the unspent amount.
Therefore this amount can also be carried into 2024 and can be spent until the card expires, as indicated on it.
Goodbye reductions.
Be careful though because regardless of the expiry date indicated on the card, it will still be deactivated in 6 months.
After one semester from the last disbursement, the card will be deactivated, even if there are residual sums.
So in July 2024 it is likely that the card will be deactivated including the sums present.
Better to spend it all within 6 months of December.
The amount of the citizen's income can be spent to make purchases related to primary needs such as food and health products but it is also possible to pay bills for electricity and gas.
The card also allows withdrawals of up to 100 euros per person.
Cannot be used for online purchases or any non-primary gender products.
The inclusion allowance arrives in January.
Applications for the new inclusion allowance which replaces the citizenship income began on 18 December.
Applications can be submitted independently from the INPS website or in the patronages.
For Cafs we will have to wait until January 8th.
The allowance is granted to families that have at least one member in one of the following conditions: disability; underage; person at least 60 years of age; person in a disadvantaged condition (severe biopsycho-social distress) and included in a care and assistance program of the local social and health services certified by the public administration.
The applicant's family unit must jointly possess a valid ISEE with a value not exceeding 9,360 euros.
For IMI purposes, the real estate assets have a value not exceeding 30,000 euros.
The deductible amount for the house will be 150,000 euros.
The value of the movable assets must not exceed 6,000 euros, increased by 2,000 euros for each member of the family unit following the first.
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