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Sudden restart of the Nasdaq: are we at the turning point?

A real sudden reversal of trend occurred on the US markets, which caught many investors off guard, who had become accustomed to the idea that, after months of strong growth, the stock markets would have to pay for the weight of all the complications economic, financial and geopolitical issues of recent periods.
In full opposition, traders continue to show a "risk on" attitude and have taken the opportunity of the recent declines to buy even more stocks, especially referring to the stars and stripes country's technology market.
Could Friday's restart start a new euphoric phase of the market? A look at the data and graphs.
What led to this sudden turnaround? The great protagonists of this restart are precisely the large technology stocks, which after the declines that occurred following the sharing of the first results of the quarter, had recorded worrying declines.
Apparently, these drops were well received by the market, which gradually took the opportunity to insert purchase orders into the system, triggering an overall recovery in prices.
The Nasdaq, an index representing the US tech sector, continues to appreciate thanks to the contribution of the FAANg stocks, recently nicknamed "The Magnificent Seven", in a broader sense.
Apparently the market is recording significant inflows of capital into investment funds that aim to replicate and/or speculate on the performance of the US technology sector.
This is confirmed by a report from BofA Global Research, which recorded inflows of over $2 billion through Wednesday (during declines).
Among the funds that recorded positive net inflows we find ProShares UltraPro QQQ, Technology Select Sector SPDR Fund and iShares US Technology ETF, some of the most traded funds on the market.
The backlash also comes thanks to the latest considerations made by Amazon, a great performer in Friday's session, which reassured regarding the cloud results, an aspect that had been called into question by Google's results.
In essence, a real trend reversal has occurred, both from the point of view of fundamental expectations and that of price expectations on the stock markets.
The latest inflation data also contribute, with the September PCE MoM slightly higher than estimates.
Nasdaq100: how much longer could this restart last? Looking at the Nasdaq graph with a technical lens, we clearly notice a technical restart that occurred just above a price level that is quite relevant from a psychological point of view: that of 14,000 points.
The recovery, close to a percentage point, in Friday's session is accompanied by a stable session of the S&P 500, and the approach of the 10-year US Treasury yield to the 4.87% level.

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