Storm Debi in Italy, weather warning in these regions between water bombs and snow

Storm Debi is coming to Italy.
After storms Ciaran and Babet, it is the turn of the disturbance coming from Northern Europe to hit Italy.
Storm Debi is classified as a “cyclonic vortex,” with high-speed winds and heavy rainfall.
Between Saturday and Sunday the storm from the Atlantic will arrive first in North-Central Europe, then in Italy.
The first affected will therefore be the regions of Northern Italy and the Tyrrhenian side.
The weather bulletin also reports snow in the Alps between 1200 and 1400 meters above sea level.
What is Debi Storm? The name has nothing significant, nor does it help us understand the storm and its dynamics.
In fact the names are taken from a list and are intended to simplify the information.
The next names of the arriving meteorologists will be: Agnese, Babetta, Ciaràn, Debi, Elin, Fergus, Gerrit, Henk, Isha, Jocelyn, Katleen, Lilian, Minnie, Nicola, Olga, Piet, Regina, Stuart, Tamiko, Vincenzo, Wallid .
To understand what will happen in the next few hours, the Civil Protection has published the "weather bulletin", complete with updated criticality levels.
Bad weather throughout Italy: red alert in Veneto for storm Debi As we learn from the recent weather bulletin of the Civil Protection, rain and strong winds are expected from North to South for the weekend.
In particular, the arrival of a new intense disturbance is expected ( the storm Debi) on the regions of the North and upper Tuscany.
The weather bulletin provides (fig.
1) a yellow alert for several regions in the South and parts of the islands, as well as an orange alert for several areas of another 4 regions.
Finally, the specter of red level alert falls on Veneto.
Specifically: red alert on part of Veneto; orange alert on most of Veneto and Lombardy, on part of Liguria, Emilia-Romagna; yellow alert on part of Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna Veneto, Liguria and Lombardy, Sardinia, Puglia, Basilicata and on the autonomous province of Trento, Campania, Calabria and Sicily.
read also Car and motorbike insurance coverage: how to avoid nasty surprises Civil Protection Bulletin: what happens between Saturday and Sunday The Civil Protection's alert bulletins of 3 and 4 November follow one another.
In both, the arrival of storm Debi is expected and the consequences that the intense disturbance will have on the affected regions.
In fact, alert levels have gone from yellow to red for some areas (as described above).
The warning of November 3 for Saturday and Sunday reported scattered rainfall, including showers or thunderstorms, over Campania, Basilicata, especially the Tyrrhenian sectors, and Calabria, especially the central-northern Tyrrhenian sectors.
Strong to gale-force winds are expected from the western quadrants over Campania, Basilicata and Calabria, with reinforcements of strong storms in the Apennine areas.
Be careful of storm surges along exposed coasts.
However, from tomorrow, Saturday 4 November, the heaviest rains are expected, including downpours and thunderstorms in Liguria, Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany; furthermore, from tomorrow afternoon, Saturday 4 November, strong to south-western winds are expected over Liguria, Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany, with further reinforcements of strong storms or storms in the Apennine areas from the evening.
Extensive storm surges expected along exposed coasts.

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