Agricultural Bonus: How to Obtain €784 per Hectare of Land

Bonus Agriculture: How to Get 784 Euros per Hectare of Land

Farmers can receive up to 784 euros per hectare of land each year for a particular cultivation.
This agricultural bonus is provided by the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy), which aims to align the income of agricultural workers with that of other entrepreneurial activities.

Types of Direct Contributions in the CAP

According to the CAP, olive growers can benefit from 4 types of agricultural aid: base payments; coupled payment, around 116 euros per hectare; eco-scheme 2, 120 euros for herbaceous cover; eco-scheme 3, 220 euros per hectare; eco-scheme 5, herbaceous cover with apicultural essence 250 euros.

Coupled Payments for Olive Groves

In addition to base payments, olive producers can receive a coupled payment of 116 euros per hectare for surfaces included in quality systems under EU Regulation no.

Herbaceous Cover and Bee Protection

The eco-scheme 2 offers 120 euros per hectare per year for herbaceous cover operations, while the eco-scheme 5 allows for 250 euros per hectare annually by including plants of apicultural interest.

Protection of Historic Olive Trees

The eco-scheme 3 aims to protect the landscape and history, providing 220 euros per hectare annually, with an additional 20% for those in Natura 2000 areas or ZVN (Vulnerable Zones to Nitrates of agricultural origin).

Remember that to obtain direct CAP contributions, it is necessary to submit an annual application, which can be done through regional offices, Agea territorial offices, or CAA (Centers for Agricultural Assistance).

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