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Ukraine, Biden-Scholz plan to end the war revealed: "brutal compromises" for Zelensky

The war in Ukraine must end soon, because it is now clear that Kiev cannot win without considering that a continuation of the conflict appears to be harmful – especially politically – for Western leaders.
This inkling could become a certainty according to what was reported by the popular German newspaper Bild which, in recent days, revealed what would be the plan developed by Joe Biden and Olaf Scholz to end the war in Ukraine.
The official position of the United States and Germany has in theory not changed an inch: unconditional support for Ukraine as long as Kiev requests it.
In truth, the Western chancelleries, after having done nothing in the last twenty-one months to stop the war by boycotting every diplomatic attempt, would now have realized – better late than never – that Russia cannot lose and that perhaps it would be better to end it here.
After all, this is what Giorgia Meloni would have said to the two Russian comedians who had passed themselves off as an African diplomat, in the famous prank phone call of which our Prime Minister was the victim.
In fact, Meloni spoke of “a lot of tiredness” regarding support for Kiev, adding that “we are close to the moment when everyone will understand that we need a way out; the problem is to find one that can be acceptable without destroying international law." This is a thought from the prime minister regarding the war in Ukraine which seems to have been received both overseas and in Berlin, but, if it were true, the plan thought up by Joe Biden and Olaf Scholz might please Volodymyr Zelensky very little.
read also Ukraine, prisoners also at the front: Zelensky is now alone losing the war The "tiredness" of the war in Ukraine There is a question that has been looming in the West since February 24, 2022: how will the war in Ukraine end? The situation on the battlefield is well known: Kiev's summer counteroffensive failed and Russia currently controls almost 20% of Kiev's territory.
Furthermore, in recent weeks Russian troops have resumed attacks in Donbass.
Even among Western citizens, the desire to continue this war until Moscow's defeat seems to have faded, also because in Europe the boomerang effect of sanctions on Russia continues to be heavy.
Joe Biden will have to face the very delicate presidential elections in just under a year: according to the polls at the moment the winner would be Donald Trump.
Showing up at the polls with the war still ongoing could be the de profundis for the current president.
In the Old Continent, however, there will be European elections in June and even in this case the polls would be horror for Olaf Scholz: the Social Democrats in Germany are in free fall and even overtaken by the far right of Afd, with growth in the EU of parties opposed to the supply of weapons to Ukraine.
The Biden-Scholz plan to end the war In this scenario, Bild has revealed a double plan created by Biden and Scholz to quickly end the war in Ukraine.
The first option would be to push Volodymyr Zelensky to negotiate with Russia even at the cost of "brutal compromises".
So far Zelensky has rejected this hypothesis every time – dealing with Moscow is also forbidden in Kiev due to a law desired by the former actor himself – always declaring that for him the war will end only when all the occupied territories including Crimea have been reconquered.
If Zelensky, who depends entirely on NATO support, were to oppose it, the backup plan would be to "freeze" the war with the front line becoming "the new border".
In any case, it would be a personal defeat for the Ukrainian president.
In the meantime, the USA and Germany would undertake to provide Ukraine with the weapons "exactly necessary in quality and quantity to maintain the current front line", all to give Kiev the opportunity to negotiate in a decent position but certainly not to win the war.
As the alleged plan was made known, Berlin denied what Bild wrote, but with the elections in Europe and the USA approaching, the fate of this proxy war appears to be sealed.

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