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Google shares, buy or sell after the launch of the new AI Gemini?

Google shares, buy or sell after the launch of the new AI Gemini? Alphabet, Google's parent company, saw a rise of more than 5% after the launch of its revolutionary artificial intelligence model.
Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said Gemini represents a significant step in the evolution of artificial intelligence and offers unprecedented multimodal capability.
Gemini was designed to seamlessly integrate text, images, audio, video and computer code, distinguishing itself as Google's most advanced large language model.
Its versatility is evident in three variants: Gemini Nano for mobile devices, Gemini Pro for complex tasks and Gemini Ultra for data centers and large enterprises, the latter scheduled to launch next year.
The challenge launched by Alphabet to OpenAI, creator of ChatGPT, led to a comparison between Gemini and GPT-4.
While GPT-4 is not multimodal, Gemini outperformed the best existing models in 30 of 32 industry academic benchmarks, demonstrating excellence in performance on large linguistic tasks.
The market responded positively to the launch of Gemini, with Alphabet shares rising 5%.
Investors are optimistic about the potential of this advanced AI model to transform the business and everyday technology landscape.
Sundar Pichai underlined that the transition to artificial intelligence represents an epochal change, comparable or even greater than that from the web to smartphones.
Investors must now carefully consider whether to buy or sell Google shares based on this new development.
The future looks promising for Alphabet, which continues to invest in cutting-edge technologies.
Gemini's efficiency and performance could result in greater market opportunities and, consequently, further increase in share value.
Prudent investors, however, should closely monitor the implementation of Gemini in the coming months and evaluate developments in the AI market.
JP Morgan maintains its "buy" recommendation on the stock, leaving the target price unchanged at $150.
Before seeing the new strategy with a Turbo Unlimited Certificates from BNP Paribas, let's analyze the support and resistance levels according to the technical analysis.
Alphabet technical analysis: Alphabet operational strategies toned after the launch of the new artificial intelligence.
A potential continuation bullish head and shoulders appears on the stock's chart which – if completed by exceeding the 139.50-140 dollar area – could reactivate the rally towards targets identifiable at 150 dollars then up to 158-160 dollars.
The markedly bullish graphic picture would deteriorate in the event of descents below the 128 area.
In that case, a sinking towards the 120 and 115 dollar area is expected.
Alphabet, daily chart.
Source: TeleTrader Below we summarize the levels to monitor for our strategy: Trigger: over 139.50 First target: 150 dollars Second target: 158 dollars Stop loss: 134.50 dollars Alphabet: long strategy with Bnp's Turbo Unlimited Long Certificates Paribas In the hypothesis of a "long" strategy on Alphabet we intervene above 139.50 dollars with targets of 150 and 158 dollars, with a stop loss located at 134.50 dollars.
For this strategy, the Bnp Paribas Turbo Long certificate with ISIN NLBNPIT1PP89 leverage 4.64 is suitable.

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