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Diversity & Inclusion as an opportunity for companies

The JEBO guys, on the pretext of having a coffee together, hosted Angela Balducci, Sustainability Manager at Lavoropiù, and Giulia Caramaschi, Head of Internal Communication at HERA to interview them on the topic of the day.
Diversity & Inclusion, says Angela Balducci: "It is a commitment, a promise that we try to keep" and "a responsibility towards our people to guarantee them a context in which they can express all their value." Not only that, D&I is also "an opportunity, because variety is comparison and comparison supports innovation" continues Giulia Caramaschi.
Not surprisingly, 87% of the time, inclusive teams were better at making decisions than non-inclusive teams.
The question therefore arises as to what are the appropriate ways to bring companies closer to people and their differences.
Both guests suggest engaging in listening.
In fact, it allows us to identify which are the most evident social barriers in the organization, through a dialogue with those directly involved.
Once the right and periodic analyzes have been carried out, action is taken by appointing trusted advisors, as in the case of Lavoropiù, or teams that deal with Diversity Management, as for HERA.
Or even events, initiatives, surveys, specific training that can "create a common culture" based on the company's D&I values.
“Presenting yourself as an inclusive company means increasing its attractiveness” as a work environment, says the Sustainability Manager, because “people feel listened to and at ease” says the Communications Manager.
A McKinsey study, “Diversity Wins: How inclusion matters”, reveals that leading companies in Diversity & Inclusion have proven to be 25% more likely to be above average in terms of profitability compared to companies considered worse in the field.
same field.
We must therefore move towards a new era of management with the objective, shared by Angela Balducci, that "in the course of a few years we will no longer talk about diversity".
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