Before La Scala, how much do tickets cost for 2023

Like every year, also for 2023 the first theatrical performance of the season in the prestigious La Scala theater will be held on 7 December.
Today, in fact, the Lombard capital celebrates the city's patron saint, Sant'Ambrogio.
This year the ball is opened by Giuseppe Verdi's “Don Carlo”, based on the tragedy of the same name by Friedrich Schiller.
This year, President Mattarella will not attend the opera, but will be replaced by life senators Liliana Segre and Mario Monti, together with various political representatives, including Minister Salvini, Minister Sangiuliano and Minister Casellati.
Naturally, the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala will not be missing, while Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni will not be able to attend this time.
There are also many characters from the world of art and entertainment, including Ornella Vanoni, Patti Smith and the soprano Raina Kabaivanska.
Prices are slightly higher than the previous year, but, despite this, tickets have long been sold out.
The theatrical premiere is an unmissable opportunity for all art lovers, who can however range between different budgets.
As with every theatre, even the most famous one in Italy has different positions for watching the opera and therefore different price ranges.
Let's see how much the tickets cost for tonight's premiere and what the prices are for the next shows.
How much do tickets cost for the premiere at La Scala In 2022, when the premiere at La Scala was dedicated to Modest Musorgski's “Boris Gudonov”, prices for tickets ranged between 100 and 3,000 euros.
This year, however, the maximum is 3,200 euros.
Naturally this figure concerns tickets for seats in the stalls, which enjoy the best visibility and prestige of the Milanese theatre.
Tickets for the boxes also reached up to 3,200 euros, but it was possible to spend much less (still starting from 640 euros) depending on the row chosen and the distance of the seat from the stage.
The most accessible seats of all are those in the first and second galleries, with tickets costing a minimum of 130 euros, up to a maximum of 450.
Even in this case, the difference is given by the position chosen and the visibility, but it is superfluous to underline that even the most convenient seats will guarantee this evening's guests an exceptional experience, which makes Milan one of the world capitals of opera.
For this reason, in addition to the show itself, the premiere on December 7th represents a real event, which attracts fans from all over the world from year to year.
The costs for the other shows of "Don Carlo" Even those who were unable to get tickets for the theatrical premiere in time will be able to attend Verdi's Don Carlo in the next performances.
The first available day is December 10th at 2.30pm with tickets starting from 108 euros and very few places remaining.
However, tickets for the evening show on 13 December and 16 December are already sold out.
Anyone who won't be able to see Don Carlo this Sunday will have to arrange it for December 30th (with tickets starting from 108 euros), as tickets for all other performances – previous and subsequent – are already sold out.
The possibility of finding last minute tickets is not excluded, but even if you are so lucky you will have to spend higher amounts, on average starting from 380 euros.
Forgoing Verdi's Don Carlo, however, there are many opportunities to attend a show at La Scala in this opera season.
Prices are much lower and there are numerous availabilities on the website.
An exception, obviously, is the String Quartet on December 10th, for which tickets have long been sold out.
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