Key Events of the Week: ECB Minutes and a Wealth of Data Coming Up

Market Movers: Key Events for the Week of May 6th to May 10th

The week from May 6th to May 10th is packed with market-moving events, ranging from the release of the ECB minutes to significant macroeconomic data from major global powers.
Here’s a detailed overview of what to expect:

Monday, May 6th

– 03:45 CNY: China Services Purchasing Managers’ Index
– 09:45 EUR: Italy Composite PMI
– 09:45 EUR: Italy Services Purchasing Managers’ Index
– 09:50 EUR: France S&P Global Composite PMI
– 09:50 EUR: France Services Purchasing Managers’ Index
– 09:55 EUR: Germany Composite PMI
– 09:55 EUR: Germany Services Purchasing Managers’ Index
– 10:00 EUR: Eurozone Services Composite PMI

Investors will closely watch updates on the Services PMI from China, Eurozone, Germany, France, and Italy.
Italy will also report Retail and Industrial Sales figures.

Tuesday, May 7th

– 08:00 EUR: Germany Trade Balance
– 11:00 EUR: Eurozone Retail Sales

Wednesday, May 8th

– 08:00 EUR: Germany Industrial Production
– 10:00 EUR: Italy Retail Sales
– 16:30 USD: US Crude Oil Inventories

Thursday, May 9th

– 05:00 CNY: China Trade Balance
– 13:00 GBP: Bank of England Interest Rate Decision
– 14:30 USD: US Initial Jobless Claims

Friday, May 10th

– 08:00 GBP: UK GDP
– 08:00 GBP: UK Industrial Production
– 08:00 GBP: UK Manufacturing Production
– 10:00 EUR: Italy Industrial Production
– 12:00 EUR: Italy Industrial Sales
– 13:30 EUR: ECB Meeting Minutes
– 16:00 USD: University of Michigan Inflation Expectations
– 16:00 USD: University of Michigan 5-Year Inflation Forecast
– 16:00 USD: University of Michigan Consumer Expectations
– 16:00 USD: University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index

Stay tuned for these key market-moving events that will shape the economic landscape in the week ahead.

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