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These 4 major banks are waiving fees for all their clients

End of Bank Charges for 4 Major French Banks

Bank fees are rather common and “unpleasant” charges that anyone with a current account and a credit card at a bank finds debited to their account every month.
Specifically, when withdrawing cash from any ATM in the country or abroad, fees are charged, even a few cents, to be paid for the service provided.

These charges should be eliminated for customers of four banking giants.
This is happening in France, but it could also be a path to follow in Italy.

Stop to Bank Charges from these 4 Banks

On the account statements of many French – as well as many Italians – small expenses are regularly added, even if they are not related to any purchase.
These are actually the fees collected by the bank, which are added to some already obligatory payments, such as the bank card.
On average, more than 200 euros are collected annually from customers by the institutions.

The usual and seemingly harmless operation of withdrawing money from an ATM, for example, is not always free.
When you do not withdraw money from an ATM owned by your bank, fees apply.
Not the first time, but sometimes the second time and, especially, after 3 or 4 withdrawals in the same month from other operators.
If, on average, the French make only one or two withdrawals a month, a third of the population does not pay attention to the bank from which they withdraw money.
It is enough to say that over the course of the year, “inappropriate withdrawals” fees can amount to up to ten euros.

All this will soon end and millions of French citizens will (almost) no longer have to choose the right bank to make a withdrawal.
BNP Paribas, Société Générale, Crédit Mutuel, and CIC are indeed creating a single distributor throughout the French territory for customers of one of the 4 institutions.

Called “Cash Services,” these tools will allow customers of the mentioned institutions to make all the withdrawals they want from the ATMs installed in the branches, without fear of paying additional fees.
The new machines also offer other services such as check deposit, cash, printing bank details, bank transfers, and account access.

The strategy of grouping several banks into a single tool is also implemented because ATMs are becoming less profitable.
It is expected that cash withdrawals will decrease steadily by 3% per year, leading to the elimination of 5,000 ATMs in France.

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