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Sample Ballot for Piedmont 2024 Elections: How to Vote in the Regional Elections

How to Vote in the 2024 Piedmont Regional Elections

Are you ready for the upcoming regional elections in Piedmont in 2024? Scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 8, and Sunday, June 9 – concurrently with the European elections and the first round of local elections – over 3.2 million citizens will have the opportunity to elect the new President of the Region and the members of the Regional Council.

As usual, a sample ballot has been made available to the public, showing the order of the five presidential candidates and the respective supporting lists in this race for the Region: the candidate who receives even just one more vote than their opponents will be elected as the new “governor.”

The Candidates

A total of five candidates are running in the 2024 Piedmont regional elections: the incumbent president Alberto Cirio for the center-left, Gianna Pentenero for the center-left, Sarah Disabato from the 5 Star Movement, Alberto Costanzo for Liberty, and Francesca Frediani for Piedmont People.

Voting Details

The polling stations for the Piedmont regional elections will be open from 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM on Saturday, June 8, and from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM on Sunday, June 9.
Vote counting will begin at 2:00 PM on Monday, June 10.

The publication of the sample ballot for the 2024 Piedmont regional elections is essential in assisting voters in understanding how to cast their votes on June 8 and 9.
The Region has also released a guide to clarify any doubts regarding the correct voting procedures.

Voting Rules

The electoral law for regional elections in Piedmont includes gender preference, allowing voters to express up to 2 preferences, with the second preference being annulled in case of preferences for candidates of the same gender.
Additionally, split voting is permitted.

It is important to remember that in order to vote, the voter must appear at their designated polling station with their voter card and a valid form of identification.

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