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€175 bonus on the fourteenth salary for all these workers

Updates and Benefits for Workers in the Tertiary Sector

For just over 3.2 million workers, the fourteenth salary payment in early July will see a slight increase.
Recent contract renewals in the Tertiary, Distribution, and Services sectors, as well as in modern organized Distribution, are expected to bring about this raise.

Contract Renewals and Salary Adjustments

These renewals, which started with the agreement signed in March by Filcams Cgil, Fisascat Cisl, and Uiltucs with the sector’s employer associations Confcommercio and Confesercenti, and continued with Federdistribuzione’s agreement in late April, include an increase in the fixed portion of the salary.
This raise will be phased in until February 2027, when the renewal will be fully implemented, along with additional benefits for the workers.

One-Time Bonus and Compensation

Both agreements feature similar economic terms, including a one-time bonus to be paid alongside the fourteenth salary.
The gross amount of this bonus varies depending on the worker’s job level and serves as compensation for the possible loss of the contribution relief on the fourteenth salary.

Who Is Eligible for the €150 Bonus on the Fourteenth Salary

The €150 bonus applies to all workers covered by the National Collective Bargaining Agreement (Ccnl) for Tertiary, Distribution, and Services under Confcommercio or Confesercenti, such as real estate agents, temporary work agency workers, retail sales operators, and more.

Amount of the Bonus on the Fourteenth Salary

In addition to monthly salary increases, both contract renewals provide for a bonus on the fourteenth salary in 2024 and 2025.
This one-time allowance, paid in two equal installments, amounts to a total of €350 for a worker classified at level four.
The first €175 will be paid in early July, with the remaining half the following year.

Tables for Bonus Amounts Based on Job Level

A detailed table indicates the specific bonus amounts for each installment and the total, based on the job level.
These amounts are gross and will be subject to taxes and contributions.

The Fourteenth Salary Calculation

The fourteenth salary, which follows similar calculation rules to the thirteenth salary, is paid on July 1st of each year.
It is equivalent to one month’s salary as of June 30th, adjusted based on the months worked in the previous 12 months.
Any additional gratuities or rewards based on individual or collective merit are not included in this calculation.

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