Reversibility pension, who is entitled to 100% of the amount

Only when certain conditions are met at the same time, the survivor's pension is entitled to 100% of the amount that was paid to the predecessor.
In fact, when only one person benefits from it, the reversibility pension is never paid in full: the share in fact depends on the number, as well as the type of survivors who benefit from it, as for example it ranges from 60% of the spouse only to 70 % when only one child benefits.
However, if more than one member benefits, the amount increases and can even reach the entire amount that was recognized to the grantor before death: in particular there is a case in which the reversibility is granted in full, without even the risk of cuts due to the presence of other incomes.
100% reversibility pension for spouse and children As anticipated, the survivor's pension is equal to a percentage of the pension paid (or which in any case would have been due to the deceased insured person).
If it is up to the spouse, only a share equal to 60% of the pension received by the grantor is recognised, with the risk that the amount may even be cut in the presence of other income.
We remind you, in fact, that above 3 times the minimum pension there is a reduction of 25% of the amount, which rises to 40% for incomes greater than 4 times but less than 5.
Finally, the amount is halved, and only 30% is due, in the case of income that exceeds the minimum payment by 5 times.
However, when the grantor's children are also present with the spouse, then the share of the reversibility pension increases with the possibility of even reaching 100%.
In detail, the reversibility rates are established in the following measures: spouse and one child: 80%; spouse and two or more children: 100%.
In this regard, we remind you that a reversibility quota is also due for children only if they are part of at least one of the following categories: minors; unable to work regardless of age; adults, but only if dependent on the parent at the time of death, who do not work, attend schools or professional training courses comparable to school courses.
In this case the reversibility is up to the age of 21, while in the case of attendance at a university course the age increases to 26 years.
It is important to clarify that when the survivor's pension is due in full due to the presence of dependent children, the spouse does not even have to worry about the cuts foreseen in the case of incomes exceeding 3 times the minimum payment.
The cumulative limits, in fact, do not apply if the beneficiary is part of a family unit with minor children, students or disabled people.
100% reversibility pension for children In the absence of the surviving spouse, the reversibility pension is due to the children, obviously provided that they satisfy the requirements indicated in the previous paragraph.
In this case, 70% is due to one child, 80% to two children and 100% for 3 or more children (obviously the share is divided equally among all survivors).
100% reversibility pension for brothers and sisters.
The possibility that the 100% reversibility pension goes to brothers and sisters is much more remote.
Meanwhile, it should be specified that the predecessor's pension is intended for brothers and sisters only in the absence of a spouse, children and parents (or in any case where, even if they exist, they are not entitled to the allowance), and exclusively if they satisfy certain conditions: unmarried or unmarried; unable to work at the time of the pensioner's death; not in receipt of a direct pension; paid by the assignor.
In this case, a quota equal to 15% is due for a single brother or sister, which rises to: 30%: two brothers or sisters; 45%: three brothers or sisters; 60%: four brothers or sisters; 75%: five brothers or sisters; 90%: six brothers or sisters; 100%: seven brothers or sisters.
In short, the possibility that 100% of the reversibility pension will be recognized to brothers and sisters, among other things with less than 15% each, is truly minimal.

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