Response to the article: “Temu sued, ‘Manipulative means used'”

Clarifications by Temu on DSA

Temu, upon careful consideration of feedback from customers, regulatory bodies, and consumer advocacy groups, has adapted its services to align with local practices and preferences since its recent entry into Europe.
The company is committed to not only meeting legal requirements but exceeding them by adhering to best practices.
Collaboration with third-party sellers, regulatory authorities, consumer associations, and other stakeholders is key to achieving this goal.

Consumer Protection and Compliance

Temu’s commitment to consumer protection is evident in its proactive actions.
The company has entered into a cease-and-desist agreement with the German VZBV and signed a product safety commitment with the Korean Fair Trade Commission.
These agreements highlight Temu’s dedication to addressing concerns and ensuring product safety.

Priority on Consumer Safety

Temu prioritizes providing innovative and convenient services while ensuring consumer safety.
Guided by core values that place consumers first, the company operates with integrity.
Collaboration with stakeholders is crucial to ensuring consumer safety and sustainable platform growth.

Addressing BEUC Complaint

Temu takes the BEUC complaint seriously and is dedicated to thoroughly assessing it.
The company aims to engage with stakeholders to enhance its service for consumers.
Any identified areas for improvement will be promptly addressed through collaboration and corrective actions.
Consumer interests remain a top priority, and Temu strives to deliver a secure and reliable service that adds significant value, all while upholding transparency and compliance with existing laws and regulations.

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