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Update of Ata third band rankings for working at school, postponed to 2025? Let's clarify

The update of the third band ATA rankings, expected for the spring of 2024, could be postponed to 2025.
It is necessary to clarify the issue since it is only a hypothesis or rather the proposal put forward by Cisl Scuola and which would have deep roots in the new Ccnl Education and Research 2019/2021 which provides for the next update of the ATA rankings to possess a newly introduced requirement and to be precise, the possession of a specific IT certification.
Those who pay the consequences of the new requirements are mainly those who will be included in the third-tier rankings for the first time to work as ATA staff in schools.
Faced with the possibility of a postponement to 2025 of the update of the rankings which has been awaited for three years, to give interested parties time to acquire the certification, there is also a protest from professionals and in particular from Uil Scuola Rua, which has not signed the contract renewal.
The details.
Updating the ATA third-tier rankings: why it could be postponed to 2025 There are no indications from the Mim and at the moment there remains a union proposal to postpone the updating of the ATA third-tier rankings to 2025.
The reopening of the rankings allows those already included in them to update their scores or change location and new entries for those who wish to undertake a career as school collaborators or administrative staff.
The rankings are used to work on a fixed-term basis until you reach the role you can aspire to only with service.
The recently issued National Collective Labor Agreement on Education and Research provides that anyone who wants to become, or remain, ATA staff must obtain an IT certification.
The international digital literacy certification becomes an access requirement for the third level rankings for all profiles with the exception of the school collaborator.
Those who have completed the service can remain in the rankings, but must obtain the title within the next year under penalty of forfeiture.
The problem arises more, therefore, for those who are already included in the third tier ATA rankings but have not served in schools and for those who need to be included.
The proposal to postpone the updating of the third-tier ATA rankings came from the general secretary of the CISL Scuola, Ivana Barbacci, who during her speech on OS TV said: This contract brings with it something new: qualification is required which certifies basic IT skills.
A time is provided to those who are already on the rankings.
We will ask the ministry to postpone the update by a year to allow those who need to join for the first time to obtain the required qualification.
The response from Uil Scuola Rua was ready and in a statement expressed its opposition to the postponement proposal.
For the UIL Scuola Rua – we read in a press release – it is necessary to have extended times for the acquisition of the IT qualification without, however, causing harm to workers who, legitimately, intend to join for the first time, move the ranking to a different province or simply update your score.
And the union adds: The path indicated by Uil Scuola is therefore to proceed with the update in 2024, similarly to what is already foreseen for staff already included in the ranking, also including "new additions" with the possibility of obtaining certification within one year of inclusion in the rankings, providing for a specific time phase for reopening them.
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IT certification, for example, is not required for the school assistant profile.
Those who aspire to the following profiles must possess the new IT certification at the time of submitting the application for new inclusion in the third level or update ATA rankings: administrative assistant; technical assistant; cook; nurse; cloakroom attendant; agricultural company employee.
To these is also added the new profile of school operator.
ATA staff who have already worked as a substitute in the school can update their position in the ranking without the certification which must be obtained by 1 May 2025.
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