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Early retirement, how to recover 5 years of contributions in 2024 and 2025

Early retirement 5 years in advance, this is what the new contribution peace dusted off by the 2024 Budget Law allows.
After the experimentation which took place in the three-year period 2019/2021, the contribution peace is restored for the next two years which allows the redemption of periods uncovered by contributions for a maximum of 5 years in total.
The possibility is offered, however, not to all workers, but only to those who fall within the pure contributory system, i.e.
those who have paid contributions only starting from 1 January 1996.
Workers who fall within the mixed system and in the salary one.
How can this news be useful for retiring early and how can it be exploited? Let's see specifically what it is.
read also Pension calculation: formulas, amounts and simplified guide Who falls under the new contribution peace? To be able to redeem up to 5 years of contribution gap it is necessary to be "pure contributory".
The following are excluded from the faculty: those who fall within the mixed calculation, or who had less than 18 years of contributions on 31 December 1995; those who fall within the salary calculation, i.e.
those who had at least 18 years of contributions paid on 31 December 1995.
The possibility of seizing this new contribution peace, therefore, remains possible only for those who on 31 December 1995 had no contributions paid into the insurance general compulsory (Ago).
5 years of extra contributions, how much do they cost? The measure allows you to redeem, as mentioned, a maximum of 5 years not covered by contributions.
The redeemable periods must be: without contributions paid; not subject to contributory obligations; placed in the time period from 1 January 1996 to 31 December 2023.
How much does it cost to redeem the contributions in question? The cost of the redemption will be calculated with the contributory system by applying the rate relating to the management in which the redemption is requested and specifically: 33% for employees; approximately 24% for self-employed workers; 25.72% for those registered with the INPS Separate Management.
The rates apply to the average salary received in the twelve months preceding the application and to obtain the overall cost of the redemption it is then necessary to multiply the amount obtained by the years to be redeemed (as mentioned, maximum five).
In early retirement 5 years earlier The worker interested in the redemption provided for by the contribution peace can "fill" the contribution gap periods with the onerous redemption and make the time period in question useful for the right and size of the pension, as if he had been worked .
This, obviously, allows you to bring the moment of accessing an early pension or reaching the 20 years of contributions necessary for the old-age pension closer by a maximum of five years, by paying a fee.
The benefit, in any case, allows you to pay the cost of the redemption by deferring up to a maximum of 120 monthly installments (over 10 years, therefore) without interest.
The cost incurred is then deductible at 50% from the gross tax in five constant annual installments of the same amount starting from the year in which the expense was incurred.
It should be underlined, however, that the deferral is not possible if the years redeemed are used to immediately access the pension: in that case the burden will have to be borne in a single solution.

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