Australian Open 2024, how much do you win? The prize pool revealed

After the record Wimbledon 2023, the Australian Open prize pool is the new reference for mind-boggling prizes.
In fact, the prize money rises by 13 percent, making it the second richest Slam tournament ever.
Over 53 million euros will be distributed, a good 2 million euros more than the already set record of Wimbledon 2023.
Only the last edition of the Australian Open is richer than the current prize pool, when the players earned (distributed) almost 59 million euros.
The Slam now represents not only a tennis competition, but also an internal competition with a higher prize pool than the previous one.
The 2024 edition is no exception and indeed allows all participants to earn up to 20 percent more even for those who exit in the first round of the qualifiers.
In fact, the percentages of awarding prizes have changed, with the central groups penalized compared to the first groups and the final.
Let's find out together how much the record prize money of the Australian Open (2024 edition) is and how much the individual winners of each phase of the round get.
In some cases the players will earn as much as a company manager in a year, in the luckiest (and most deserving) of cases the prize money is equal to the one-year salary of a Serie A footballer.
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Dream prize money: record-breaking Australian Open (but less than last year) The dream prize money of the Australian Open (2024 edition) is confirmed for the second year in a row, after a record-breaking 2023 with the highest history prize to be distributed.
The 2024 edition doesn't do better, but almost.
With over 53 million euros (86.5 million Australian dollars), As Open ranks second for the richest prize pool ever.
Only the 2023 edition manages to beat it, with almost 59 million euros (or over 90 million Australian dollars).
The increase (from 13 percent to 20 percent) translates into a higher prize pool for the Slam down under, with around 20 percent more also for those who exit in the first qualifying round (31,250 Australian dollars).
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The prizes for the 2024 Australian Open are, round by round: Victory – 1,933,430 euros (3,150,000 US) Final – 1,050,768 euros (1,725,000 US) Semi-final – 607,641 euros (990,000 US) Quarters – 368,267 euros (600,000 US) usa) Round of 16 – 230,167 euros (375,000 usa) Third round – 156,513 euros (255,000 usa) Second round – 110,480 euros (180,000 usa) First round – 73,650 euros (120,000 usa) Over time the increase in the prize money is impressive.
Suffice it to say that in recent years it has quadrupled compared to twenty years ago, when the total sum to be divided was just 19.1 million Australian dollars.
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