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Return of Mandatory Military Service (but for 6 months): Here’s the Law Wanted by Salvini

Matteo Salvini and the return of compulsory military service

Matteo Salvini seems to be bringing back the topic of compulsory military service once again.
This time, during a gathering of the Alpine troops in Vicenza, the League leader announced that his party would soon introduce a bill in Parliament for a sort of return to mandatory military service.

In Italy, compulsory military service was abolished starting from January 1, 2005.
Before that, every young man received the famous conscription notice at the age of 18, but now everything is voluntary for both men and women.

Salvini’s proposal is not aimed at bolstering the ranks of the Army due to potential war winds in Europe, but rather has an almost educational purpose.
The idea revolves around a “great project of civic education.” The envisioned system would entail universal conscription: 6 mandatory months for both boys and girls, focusing on serving the community rather than bearing arms.

However, not everyone within the government seems to favor this project.
Guido Crosetto has strongly criticized Salvini’s move, highlighting the Minister of Defense’s potential disapproval of the League’s decision to nominate General Roberto Vannacci for the European elections.

With the conflict in Ukraine risking spreading across Europe, several European countries have recently revisited their military service mechanisms to bolster their armed forces.
In Italy, Minister Guido Crosetto has stressed the need to create a corps of 10,000 reservists for potential use.
On the other hand, the Defense Minister has opposed Salvini’s proposal for this new form of compulsory military service.

“The armed forces should not be viewed as a place to educate young people, a task that falls under the purview of families and schools,” explained Crosetto.
“The military is meant for professionals who defend institutions and peace.
Universal civil service is not something that concerns the armed forces.”

The League’s proposed bill for compulsory military service is expected to be regionally based, mandatory for both genders, and last for six months.
Salvini emphasized that it is a significant form of civic education, with individuals focusing on activities such as rescue operations, civil defense, first aid, and safeguarding forests, all to be carried out close to home.

Questions arise regarding exemptions from this universal conscription, payment for participants, and the economic feasibility of such a project.
As of now, answers to these questions remain unknown, but more details will be revealed when the League presents the announced bill in Parliament.

There is a feeling that Salvini’s push for compulsory military service is more about gaining votes for the upcoming European elections than actually reviving conscription, as he continues to ride the wave initiated by the nomination of General Vannacci.

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