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Youth rental bonus 2024: how it works and requirements

In 2024, young people who decide to leave their parents' home can obtain the Youth Rental Bonus: the tax deduction for the rent reserved for young people aged between 20 and 31.
The objective is to encourage the independence of young people, who are increasingly forced to stay at home due to economic difficulties linked to precarious work contracts or salaries not in line with the cost of living.
Let's see how the rental bonus works for those under 31, the requirements and age and income limits to have access to the benefit.
Rental bonus for young people 2024: how it works and requirements Rental bonus for young people 2024, how the deduction works Rental bonus for young people in 2024: requirements and limits Rental bonus for young people 2024, how the deduction works What changes for the Bonus young people renting in 2024? The bonus consists of a 20% deduction of the stipulated rent: for the entire property unit; for a part of the home, which however is different from the parents' main house.
The tax benefit is valid for the first four years of the contract, within the maximum limit of 2,000 euros.
The general legislation provides for a maximum deduction for the cost of rent at 991.60 euros, but if it is higher than this amount, the same can be recognized to the extent of 20% of the rent and in any case within the maximum limit of 2,000 euros.
read also Deductions 730/2024: the complete list of expenses that can be downloaded Rental bonus for young people in 2024: the requirements and limits Also for 2024 the bonus is available to young people with the following requirements: to young people aged between those aged between 20 and 31; with a total income not exceeding 15,493.71 euros.
You must also sign a rental contract.
However, the same must not concern properties belonging to a "luxury" cadastral category, i.e.
with cadastral code A/1, A/8 and A/9 (elegant homes, homes in villas and palaces with historical and artistic merits ).
As regards the age requirement, it is necessary to remember that if the age of 31 is reached on 1 January 2024, the deduction is not available for 2024.
The age requirement is, however, satisfied if it also occurs for part of the year in which one intends to benefit from the deduction.
The youth rental bonus cannot be obtained if the rented property belongs to public residential buildings or if it is a property used for tourist purposes.
The tax deduction is also available if the rental contract is registered in the name of more than one person, but in this case only those who meet the personal data and income requirements can benefit from the "pro quota" deduction.
For example, if the rental contract is registered in the name of two subjects and only one of the two meets the age requirement, only this person, for his share, can take advantage of the tax benefit.
The same rule also applies to the income requirement: if the two owners have one of the age requirements and the other does not, but whoever meets the age requirement does not meet the income requirement, in any case it is not possible to take advantage of the Youth Rental Bonus, not even "pro quota".
To obtain the tax deduction for the Youth Rental Bonus, it is necessary to indicate the expense, and the related tax benefit, in form 730/2024, in Table E, reserved for deductions and deductible charges, with code 4 reserved specifically for the Youth Rental Bonus.
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