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New Unemployment Benefits: When They Will Arrive and How Much

New Bonuses for Unemployed Individuals Planning to Start a Business

A new decree law, n.
60 of May 7, 2024, introduces additional provisions aimed at promoting cohesion policies, offering new bonuses for those who are unemployed and planning to start their own business, work as self-employed, or engage in freelance activities.
The decree, known as the “Cohesion decree,” not only includes incentives for new hirings that will be effective from next September but also provides bonuses to support self-employment and business activities, delegating to the relevant ministries the task of defining the modalities of use.

Overview of the Bonuses

The new bonuses target unemployed individuals who plan to open a VAT number to work on their own account.
There are two main incentives: one focuses on promoting self-employment, particularly addressing young unemployed individuals facing marginalization, with specific interventions for both the North and Center of Italy and the South.
The other incentive aims at supporting self-employment oriented towards the development of new technologies and the transition to the digital and ecological sector.

While awaiting further details and the implementation of both bonuses, here is what we know so far:

Bonus for Unemployed Individuals to Promote Self-Employment

The first bonus targeting self-employment is dedicated to individuals under 35 facing conditions of “marginality, social vulnerability, and discrimination.” Potential beneficiaries include unemployed individuals receiving measures from the Gol program, such as those involved in training and job support initiatives or part of households receiving inclusion benefits.

There are two economic incentives tailored for different regions: Autoimpiego Centro-Nord Italia and Resto al Sud 2.0.
Both incentives cover all stages of starting a business as a self-employed worker or freelance professional, including training services, skills enhancement mentoring, and investment support through vouchers or other interventions.

Further information on this incentive, including the exact amounts granted, will be defined by the Ministry of Labor, in agreement with the Ministries of Economy and European Affairs.
The amounts are expected to vary depending on the geographical area where the business is established.

Bonus for Unemployed Individuals in Strategic Sectors

More details are available regarding the bonus targeting unemployed individuals under 35 starting businesses in strategic sectors for technology development and ecological transition.
The entrepreneurial activities must commence between July 1, 2024, and December 31, 2025.

These entrepreneurs will benefit from full exemption from paying private employer social security contributions, up to 800 euros per month and valid for employees meeting specific criteria: under 35 years old and hired indefinitely during the established period.
This exemption lasts for 3 years, resulting in a bonus of 28,800 euros per eligible worker.

Additionally, companies falling into this category can apply for a non-taxable monthly contribution of 500 euros for the business activity, granted for 3 years (ending no later than December 31, 2028), totaling 18,000 euros.

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