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Implacable Speed Cameras: Motorists Lose Hundreds of Euros

New Generation Speed Cameras and AI: The Future of Traffic Tickets

Among all the issues concerning speed cameras and traffic fines, the situation is about to become even more complicated for drivers due to the spread of new, increasingly ruthless speed cameras.
These devices are equipped with cutting-edge technologies that can make reckless drivers lose hundreds of euros in no time.

In particular, these sophisticated devices are programmed to make meticulous recordings, combined with the use of artificial intelligence for the swift and unforgiving recognition of certain violations of the Highway Code, such as the use of mobile phones while driving.

International Adoption of AI Speed Cameras

Although these advanced devices have not yet arrived in Italy, they have been in use in the United Kingdom for several years.
Following an initial trial phase where drivers receive a warning message instead of a fine, they will be linked to the authorities for penalty enforcement, after agents’ review.

The UK’s trial with Aecom is expected to conclude by March 2025.
This system has also been tested in Germany and the Netherlands, where, despite warning signs, speed cameras have recorded a high number of violations (up to twenty per hour).

Impact on Drivers and Legislation Changes

These behaviors will soon result in significant financial losses for reckless drivers.
The federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate has already authorized their permanent use, likely followed by the rest of Germany.

Special attention is given to the “monocam,” a specific speed camera designed to detect mobile phone use while driving rather than just speeding violations.
This system is expected to arrive in Austria soon and likely spread widely, including in Italy.

Moreover, recent amendments to the Highway Code specifically address mobile phone use while driving, increasing fines and penalties significantly, with license suspensions and point deductions for first-time offenders.

Challenges with Speed Camera Certification

There is also the issue of speed camera certification, which, according to a recent ruling by the Court of Cassation, is a legitimacy requirement for fines.
However, the majority of devices are reportedly not certified due to the lack of national standards definition.

While there is uncertainty about the outcome of appeals, municipalities may face financial liabilities or loss of future fine revenues.
The government aims to address this pressure alongside the road regulations reform, potentially introducing new tools in the process.

For more information on unapproved speed cameras, check out this link.

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