Anas investigation, what happened and why it risks shaking up politics

The Anas investigation coordinated by the Rome Prosecutor's Office which led to the arrest of Tommaso Verdini and 4 other people on charges of corruption, bid rigging and illicit influence trafficking risks spreading to the world of politics as well.
Some crimes linked to the world of Anas procurement are under scrutiny.
From the world of the opposition, several political exponents have invited the Minister of Transport Matteo Salvini to intervene with an information in Parliament.
The League leader is linked to the investigation for a number of reasons.
The first as Minister of Transport, given that the matter concerns Anas, a company that deals with road infrastructure and manages the network of state roads and motorways of national interest controlled by the ministry.
Then because the name of Federico Freni, current undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy in the League, appears in the investigation, even if he is not under investigation.
Finally, for his closeness to the Verdini family, considering that he is the partner of Francesca Verdini, daughter of Denis and sister of Tommaso.
Anas investigation: what happened A few days ago the Rome Prosecutor's Office placed Tommaso Verdini, son of the former political exponent Denis who is also under investigation, and 4 other people under house arrest for the investigation into alleged offenses in Anas procurement.
Ending up in the crosshairs is the Inver company owned by Tommaso Verdini and Fabio Pileri which deals with lobbying and offers consultancy to companies involved in public works.
The investigators' hypothesis is that Tommaso would have made agreements with entrepreneurs interested in the Anas tenders, guaranteeing them confidential information and documents, in order to favor them in awarding the contract.
There would have been an exchange of money between the entrepreneurs and some Anas managers under investigation.
In exchange for confidential information and documents, managers obtained the promise of recommendations in political and institutional settings.
Inver would have acted as a mediator in the affair, bringing the two worlds into contact.
This round of recommendations could take place thanks to the enormous political weight of Denis Verdini.
With his influence in political circles he was able to point out to the new management of Anas and to the undersecretary of the MEF, the Northern League member Federico Freni, the list of reliable subjects on which to count.
In short, a corruption system that investigators define as strong and stable.
By inserting friendly executives into top roles at Anas, it was possible to obtain influence and confidential documents to then deliver to the entrepreneurs who relied on Verdini's Inver.
All this was possible thanks to the great political weight of Denis Verdini who is under investigation and the main political reference to which they refer which is Undersecretary Freni who however is unrelated to the affair and not under investigation.
It is clear that Verdini's political weight and closeness to the leader of the League and Minister of Transport Salvini was convenient for everyone.
To managers for recommendations and to entrepreneurs to obtain contracts.
Precisely because of Salvini's closeness to the Verdini family and above all because he is Minister of Transport, many in the opposition have asked the minister to report to Parliament.
At the moment, however, Salvini appears not to be willing to please them.
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