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How much does a financier earn, the salary of the Guardia di Finanza (updated tables)

Among the most desired professions in Italy there is certainly the financier: working in the service of the Guardia di Finanza is a goal of many young people who look with interest at the Armed Forces and Police as they believe it is a safe, authoritative and well-established position.
Knowing the earnings of a financier is therefore a curiosity for all those who aspire to join the Guardia di Finanza, the so-called Fiamme Gialle.
To find out how much you earn in the Guardia di Finanza you need to look at the sector's collective agreement in force for the three-year period 2019-2021.
The agreement has now expired, for this reason discussions regarding the renewal for the three-year period 2022-2024 will begin this year: a salary increase is therefore on the way for finance workers, as well as for all other public sector employees.
While waiting for the renewal, let's see how much a financier earns today, a salary that obviously varies depending on the qualification, seniority and tasks performed.
How much net salary does a financier earn To analyze in detail the salaries received in the Guardia di Finanza you need to look at the salary tables attached to the latest contract (which you can find in the following paragraphs).
However, in this case these are gross amounts, to which, among other things, overtime compensation plus other allowances must be added.
In short, the calculation could be complicated, without forgetting the difficulty of transforming everything into net results.
Having said that, for those who want approximate information we can stick to what are the average estimates on a net salary received by a financier.
Generally we can say that a financier in the first years of his career manages to earn on average 1,600 euros net, and then rises to 2,200 euros as the years advance.
To get to a salary of 3,000 euros net, however, you need to be sufficiently high in rank.
How much does a financier earn: table salary After giving an indication of the net, but approximate, amount, we go into detail by analyzing the amounts updated by the contract for the three-year period 2019-2021.
Today a chosen financier has a gross salary of 1,574.36 euros.
From the gross it is necessary to subtract the INPS share on the employee side (8.80%) and the Irpef withholding tax foreseen for the income bracket in which one falls, to calculate the net; on average, therefore, we are on a net of around 1,100 euros which will obviously increase with the passing of the years of service and with career advancement.
In this regard, below you will find the (gross) salary table also for the other roles of the Guardia di Finanza.
As you will see in the table, for each of these, in addition to the salary in the table, the pensionable allowance is also indicated, i.e.
the part of the salary introduced in 1984 to replace the monthly allowance for institutional service and the functional function allowance.
GRADE GROSS PAY (For 12 months' pay) Captain 27,564.08 Lieutenant 27,106.20 Second Lieutenant 25,045.76 Lieutenant "special duty"/Lieutenant "special duty" 27,106.20 Lieutenant 26,282.03 Warrant Officer/Adjutant Warrant Officer (with 8 years in the rank) 25,641.00 Major Marshal/Adjutant Marshal 25,183.13 Chief Marshal 24,450.53 Ordinary Marshal 23,992.65 Marshal 22,847.96 Chief Brigadier “special qualification” 23,992.65 Chief Brigadier (with 4 years in rank) 23,031.11 Chief Brigadier 22 .756, 39 Brigadier 22,252.73 Deputy Brigadier 21,382.76 Selected officer "special qualification" 22,252.73 Selected officer (with 5 years in the rank) 21,428.55 Selected officer 21,336.98 Selected officer 20,512.80 Selected financier 19,871.78 Financier 19,276.54 A these amounts are added to the pensionable allowance, currently equal to: GRADE GROSS PAY (For 12 months) Captain 932.67 Lieutenant 923.12 Second Lieutenant 886.79 Lieutenant "special duty"/Lieutenant "special duty" 913.13 Lieutenant 913, 13 Major Marshal/Adjutant Marshal (with 8 years in the rank) 902.50 Major Marshal/Adjutant Marshal 902.50 Chief Marshal 863.80 Ordinary Marshal 836.98 Marshal 810.72 Chief Brigadier “special qualification” 833.08 Chief Brigadier ( with 4 years in the rank) 833.08 Chief Brigadier 833.08 Brigadier 786.21 Deputy Brigadier 782.53 Selected officer "special qualification" 712.20 Selected officer (with 5 years in the rank) 712.20 Selected officer 712.20 Appointed 651.70 Selected financier 605.36 Financier 571.26 How much does a financier earn overtime The salary, however, does not only consist of the fixed part.
There is also a part of ancillary remuneration which, for example, includes compensation for overtime work.
These were also updated – and increased – with the renewal of the contract and below you will find a table with the (gross) amounts for each hour that exceeds normal working hours.
As you can see from the table, the compensation for overtime work depends on the day on which the service is performed: the highest amounts, in fact, are recognized for night services on public holidays.
GRADE WEEKDAY NIGHT OR HOLIDAY NIGHT AND HOLIDAY Captain 16.11 18.22 21.02 Lieutenant 15.85 17.93 20.69 Second Lieutenant 14.64 16.57 19.11 Lieutenant "special duty"/Lieutenant "special duty" 15.85 17.93 20.69 Lieutenant 15.37 17.39 20.06 Warrant Officer/Adjutant Warrant Officer (with 8 years in the rank) 14.99 16.96 19.56 Warrant Officer Major/Adjutant Warrant Officer 14.72 16.64 19, 20 Chief Marshal 14.30 16.18 18.66 Ordinary Marshal 14.02 15.86 18.30 Marshal 13.36 15.11 17.43 Chief Brigadier "special qualification" 14.02 15.86 18.30 Chief Brigadier (with 4 years in the rank) 13.47 15.24 17.58 Chief Brigadier 13.31 15.06 17.37 Brigadier 13.01 14.72 16.98 Deputy Brigadier 12.50 14.14 16.31 Selected officer “special qualification” 13.01 14.72 16.98 Selected officer (with 5 years in the grade) 12.53 14.17 16.35 Selected officer 12.48 14.12 16.29 Appointed 11.99 13.56 15 .65 Selected financier 11.62 13.15 15.17 Financier 11.28 12.76 14.72 The FESI Another additional allowance recognized to financiers and others belonging to the Armed Forces (the Police Forces are also entitled to it, but in this case the calculation is different) is that recognized for each actual day of service financed with the Institutional Services Efficiency Fund: the so-called FESI.
This is paid close to the summer months and is calculated taking into account the actual attendance made in the year preceding the year of service.
In detail, the amounts are proportional to the number of attendees and higher for those who are part of operational units.
On average, a financier with maximum attendance and included in an operational team thanks to the FESI can earn around €650.
The salary increase expected in 2024 As anticipated at the beginning, the salary of the Guardia di Finanza, as well as that of the other Armed Forces, is destined to increase by the end of this year.
The increase will be fully operational from 2025, while for previous months a one-off allowance will be recognized with all the arrears from which what was already recognized last December with the increase in the contractual holiday allowance will most likely be deducted.
In detail, for the entire Public Administration there is talk of an increase in the standard salary of 5.8%.
This means, for example, that for a chosen financier the salary will increase by around 88 euros gross.
The higher you go, the more significant the salary increase will be: approximately 103 euros for the brigadier of the Guardia di Finanza, while for the marshal it rises to 110 euros.

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