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Is Meloni’s Government Threatening Press Freedom at RAI? Join the Survey

Rai and the Meloni Government: A Threat to Press Freedom?

The recent controversies surrounding Rai have sparked concerns about the freedom of the press in Italy. has launched a survey to gather readers’ opinions following the partial strike – hindered by a boycott from Unirai, a new syndicate believed to have close ties to the center-right – called by many journalists at Viale Mazzini.

The Rai Crisis

Rai is currently facing challenges, with 2023 audience ratings showing Mediaset surpassing it in viewership.
Moreover, the departure of Amadeus, a key figure in recent Sanremo Festivals, to Nove, where he joins former Rai presenter Fabio Fazio, has added to the turbulence.

The Rise of “Tele Meloni”

Since the new government took office, there have been discussions about “Tele Meloni,” referencing the center-right appointments that have dominated Rai’s leadership positions.
However, it is noted that past opposition forces have also behaved similarly in the past.

The Usigrai Strike

Usigrai, the historic Rai journalists’ union, declared a strike on May 6 for industrial reasons and concerns about editorial independence.
This action reflects the current atmosphere at Rai, exemplified by the case of Antonio Scurati, where accusations of censorship have surfaced.

The Survey’s survey aims to gauge readers’ perceptions of whether the Meloni government is indeed threatening press freedom at Rai.
The timing coincides with the Usigrai strike, which has reignited debates on this issue.

The Unirai Controversy

Despite the strike, Tg1 and Tg2 aired normally, as Unirai’s boycott ensured their broadcast.
Unirai, a syndicate with a significant presence in Rai, has been accused of being a government tool to influence public information.

Ongoing Challenges at Rai

The atmosphere within Rai remains tense, with allegations of censorship, editorial restrictions, and declining viewership.
These challenges, coupled with recent events, paint a complex picture of the state of press freedom in Italy’s public broadcaster.

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