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New Specialization in Support Education: Changes and Implications with the Valditara Decree

Changes in Support Specialization: What’s New for Teachers?

The Valditara decree, approved on May 24th by the Council of Ministers, introduces innovations regarding support specialization for teachers aiming to enter the top tier of ranking lists and gain access to teaching competitions.

New Training Paths for Contract Teachers

Under the Valditara decree, contract teachers with at least three years of service will benefit from new support specialization courses provided by INDIRE.
These courses, designed for around 85,000 support teachers, will complement university training programs.
Additionally, INDIRE will offer support specialization courses for the approximately 11,000 teachers awaiting recognition of their foreign qualifications by the Ministry.

Promotion of Teaching Continuity

A significant aspect of the decree is the promotion of teaching continuity by allowing temporary support teachers to be confirmed at the request of families, following the school head’s evaluation.
Priority will be given to specialized teachers in this process.

Concerns from Trade Unions

Trade unions such as Flc Cgil and Uil Scuola Rua have expressed concerns about the Valditara decree’s impact on support specialization.
Flc Cgil, in particular, criticizes the government’s measures as “demagogic” and failing to address the real needs of the education system.
The union questions the certification process for the training provided by INDIRE and raises doubts about the recognition of foreign qualifications.

Uil Scuola Rua also opposes the decree, especially regarding the validation of foreign qualifications and ensuring teaching continuity.
Secretary General Giuseppe d’Aprile criticizes the decree for potentially leading to favoritism and compromising the transparency and pluralism of the education system.

In conclusion, the Valditara decree introduces significant changes to support specialization, affecting both contract teachers and foreign qualification holders, while stirring concerns among trade unions about transparency and the quality of the teaching system.

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