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Should Giovanni Toti Resign as President of Liguria? Join the Survey

Should Giovanni Toti Resign as President of Liguria? is conducting a survey to ask whether Giovanni Toti should resign as President of Liguria, following calls from the Democratic Party and 5 Star Movement after a complex judicial investigation that led the former journalist to house arrest.

The Situation

Giovanni Toti, a center-right politician, is currently serving his second term as President of the Liguria Region, which is set to end next year.
However, his recent placement under house arrest has prompted calls for his resignation.

Last week, Toti was arrested and put under house arrest as part of an investigation into alleged corruption cases in Liguria.
The press has uncovered a possible intricate network involving the President, other politicians, various middlemen, and well-known entrepreneurs.

Public Opinion and Reactions

A significant portion of the center-right has denounced the timing of the arrests, with parties like Italia Viva and Azione opposing Toti’s resignation in the name of due process.

The purpose of this survey, although not scientifically representative, is to gauge whether readers believe Giovanni Toti should step down from leading Liguria amidst the ongoing investigation.

Giovanni Toti’s Background

Formerly associated with Forza Italia, Toti later broke ties with Silvio Berlusconi to pursue an independent political career with Cambiamo and Noi Moderati, remaining within the center-right spectrum.

Known for his proximity to the Lega party, Toti first won Liguria from the center-left and was reconfirmed as President in 2020.
However, the investigation into corruption allegations regarding funding for his last electoral campaign has tarnished his tenure.

Wrapping Up

As pressure mounts for Toti’s resignation, various political figures have taken different stances.
Calls for resignation are juxtaposed with claims of conspiracy within the center-right, indicating that the future of Liguria hinges on the unfolding events of this investigation.

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