Qatar’s Bid for LNG Market Dominance: Here’s How

Qatar’s Expansion Strategies in the LNG Sector

Qatar is ramping up its expansion strategies in the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) sector through agreements and partnerships with various countries, with a strong focus on Asia.

Focus on China

The recent sale of QatarEnergy’s stakes to Sinopec and PetroChina, concerning the Nfe and Nfs projects, highlights Qatar’s long-term commitment to penetrate the Chinese gas market.
Chinese companies have signed contracts to import around 8 million tons of gas annually from these projects.
This number is expected to increase to 25 million tons per year within the next two years, representing approximately 32% of the country’s current production capacity.

Additionally, Sinopec and PetroChina could add another 0.8 million tons per year for both exports to China and international trade, providing unique opportunities for Doha.

India’s Importance

India emerges as another crucial market for Qatar, with a rapid increase in LNG demand.
Despite the strong energy ties between the two countries, Qatar-India LNG trade still lags behind that with China.
This year, Qatar renewed an agreement with Petronet Lng for the supply of around 7.5 million tons of LNG annually, reaffirming its commitment to the Indian market.

Competition and Growth

In the European LNG sector, competition between Qatar and the United States is expected to intensify, with Qatar aiming to secure long-term agreements with customers in the region.
Qatar’s LNG exports to Europe are projected to increase significantly in the coming years, reducing the gap with US exports.
Eni’s participation in the Nfe project could also lead to further LNG exports to Europe.


In conclusion, Qatar is strategically positioning itself to capitalize on the growing opportunities in Asian markets, especially China and India, while maintaining a strong presence in the European LNG market.
Significant growth in LNG exports is foreseen in the coming years, solidifying Qatar’s position as a major player in the global LNG trade.

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