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Elections and wars, because 2024 will be the year that changes the world

Wars and elections, 2024, which has just begun, immediately presents itself as a year that could rightfully enter the history books, being remembered as a sort of watershed in the destiny of all humanity.
The war in Ukraine which will soon cross the unedifying two-year mark, the one between Israel and Hamas which broke out last October 7 and the great tensions in the rest of the Middle East and in Africa, certainly do not allow those who fear a escalation that could lead us straight towards a catastrophic world conflict.
Once the counteroffensive failed, in Ukraine it is now Russia that has started attacking again even if Kiev, as demonstrated in the raid on Belgorod, certainly does not appear to be surrendering with Volodymyr Zelensky who declared that 2024 will be the year in which "we will devastate the forces Russians." Zelensky's optimism seems to clash with the harsh reality of the facts: Russia controls around 20% of enemy territory and is advancing in Donbass, Ukraine's resources are running out and NATO has made it clear that the objective would now be that of maintaining the front line, with the doves in Washington starting to push for the start of negotiations with Moscow.
Moving a little further south, according to what Israel declared in recent hours, the war in the Holy Land is destined to continue for a long time to come: after Hamas, the troops of the Jewish state could decide to attack Hezbollah even at the risk of provoking a harsh reaction from Iran.
In the Red Sea, however, there is great apprehension after the clashes between the Americans and the Yemeni Houthi rebels, with Iran also in this case playing the role of the stone guest.
The backdrop to this very complicated geopolitical situation are the many – and important – elections that will be held in 2024, with the various outcomes that could decide the fate of the ongoing wars.
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In fact, it is no mystery that the Republicans are against indefinite financing of the war, with Trump having repeatedly accused Biden of dragging the United States towards a nuclear conflict.
According to the polls, the tycoon is currently ahead, with Donald Trump's legal troubles appearing to be the biggest obstacle on the way to bringing the former president back to the White House.
Before the elections in the USA in 2024, there will be voting in Russia – a new victory for Vladimir Putin is a given – and in June for the European elections, where an exploit by the most skeptical forces towards support for Ukraine could set off more than one alarm bell in Washington.
Peace or the nightmare of a third world war, the ongoing conflicts could intersect with the electoral campaigns and elections scheduled for 2024 and write new pages of history.
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