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Brothers of Italy, European Elections 2024: Lists, Candidates, and Polls

Fratelli d’Italia: A Key Player in the 2024 European Elections

Fratelli d’Italia is gearing up to play a leading role in the 2024 European elections, with polling stations in Italy set to open on Saturday, June 8 and Sunday, June 9, coinciding with the first round of local and regional elections in Piedmont.

Following the success in the 2022 general elections, Giorgia Meloni is now seeking confirmation in the European elections.
The party’s goal is to maintain the voter support it garnered a year and a half ago.

Recently, in Pescara, Giorgia Meloni personally announced her candidacy as the top candidate in all constituencies for the European elections.
According to polls, this decision could increase her party’s support by 2%.

The Electoral Law and Candidates

For the European elections, there are no provisions for coalitions.
Instead, parties and movements can unite under a single list.
The 73 European Parliament seats that Italy will allocate are divided proportionally among those surpassing a national threshold of 4%.

Italy is divided into five constituencies (North-West, North-East, Center, South, and Islands) for the elections.
Each party, including the Democratic Party, must present a list for each constituency.
Voters can express up to three preferences, with the most voted candidates being elected.

Running a campaign in Europe is no easy feat, with aspiring MEPs estimated to spend between €50,000 and €200,000.

Fratelli d’Italia’s Strategy

Giorgia Meloni has officially confirmed her candidacy as the top candidate in all five constituencies.
This strategic move aims to maximize her party’s branding.

Among the candidates, there is curiosity surrounding the presence of Vittorio Sgarbi, the former undersecretary, who will run in the Southern constituency.

Fratelli d’Italia’s Candidate Lists

Below are the official lists of Fratelli d’Italia candidates for the 2024 European elections across the five constituencies:

North-West: [List of candidates]

North-East: [List of candidates]

Center: [List of candidates]

South: [List of candidates]

Islands: [List of candidates]

Polls and Projections

Various recent polls conducted in Italy for the upcoming European elections consistently place Fratelli d’Italia as the country’s leading party.
Polls indicate support levels between 27% and 28%, suggesting the potential election of 24 MEPs.

If these projections align with the actual election results, Fratelli d’Italia is poised to make a significant impact in the European Parliament.

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