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VAT declaration 2024, deadlines and news

From 1 February 2024 it is possible to send the annual VAT return, you have until 30 April to comply.
Here is who is obliged, the exempted subjects, the terms and the innovations contained in the technical specifications of the 2024 VAT declaration.
In recent days, the Revenue Agency has published the model for the VAT declaration and the technical instructions for filling it out.
The technical specifications were added later.
Here are the deadlines for the 2024 VAT return and the mistakes not to be made.
VAT declaration deadlines 2024, pay attention to the double date The first deadline to take into consideration is February 29, the date by which it is necessary to present the Lipe form, periodic payment relating to the fourth quarter of 2023.
This can be omitted if you submit the annual declaration by the same date.
This means that those who do not want to send the Lipe must send the annual declaration not with the final deadline of April 30th, but with the deadline of February 29th.
In this case, Part VP of the annual declaration must be completed where it is possible to enter the accounting data summarizing the periodic payments for the months of October, November and December.
However, the VAT balance must be paid by 16 March 2024.
At this point we underline that the VAT return, presented after 29 February, only has a summary value of the data of which the financial administration is already aware.
The sums that emerge must be paid with the F24 form.
Having said this, here are the instructions for completing the 2024 VAT return.
read also VAT payments and withholdings, those who do not pay with the new minimum threshold Who must submit the 2024 VAT return The annual VAT return, as mentioned, must be submitted by 30 April 2024 and must be transmitted electronically.
A VAT declaration sent without "respecting" the technical specifications is discarded.
Furthermore, it is considered as not submitted and this exposes you to the risk of being subjected to heavy fines, minimum 250 euros, maximum 2,000 euros.
Taxpayers who carry out business, professional or artistic activities are obliged to submit the annual VAT return.
Furthermore, organizations of non-residents and foreign companies operating in Italy must submit the VAT return.
The technical specifications are useful to taxpayers who submit their tax returns independently.
In any case, we invite you to download the technical specifications as they are full of examples that facilitate compilation and here it is only possible to summarize the content.
The first thing to pay attention to is the size of the VAT declaration: if the overall size of the declarations to be sent exceeds the foreseen limit (3 MB compressed), it is necessary to divide the declaration into several sendings.
Care must be taken to divide each consignment so that the size comes as close as possible to the limit seen, so as to reduce the number of consignments as much as possible.
The taxpayer must also pay attention to the formatting of the text, in fact non-compliant formatting leads to the model being rejected.
The technical specifications also remind us that all alphabetic characters must be entered in capital letters.
read also Form F24: how is it filled out? Practical guide with instructions Naturally there is no obligation for the taxpayer to submit it directly, the 2024 annual VAT return, in addition to being able to be submitted directly by the VAT number holder, can be submitted by: intermediary; persons in charge, in the event that the declaration must be presented by State Administrations; through companies belonging to the group.
The declaration is considered submitted on the day on which electronic reception ends, proof of which is the communication certifying receipt of the data, also issued electronically.
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